TODAY WINNERS! AutoDonk make deliver secret on winnings in's the beddings! Winners make free here in you's face'ings!


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the Rammings are getting shut out Bonar :robyn:

The's NFL is sporting's of's tall dangers! And's! If we's make the's beddings on's Rammings, is of's the okay's. But! If enemy is of's tall strengths (Rodgers/Brady), then's hole of ass make tight puckering's and's do's rectum shaking of's the ferocity nature's! Rodgers/Brady have's tall dangers!


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Some-time-ing's I's make wait for's victory's. Why's? Because patients is a virtuoso!

And's! I's have power dreaming's for's live in's America. Why's, in's America you's make the sleepy and's sexy ghost woman make mounting's on's you's power sausage! Is of's the's incredibles!

In's Lithuania I's buy Ouji boarding and's try's make hot call for's overdosis Victoria Secret bikini model who died's.

"Oh's bikini model. Please! I's is BonarRises. You's do's some tall bonar sausage mounting's for's me's while's I's make sleepy sleepy?"

And's nothing!

"Maybe's a Victoria Secret ghosty ghosty blow jobbing on's my's cock?'

And's nothing!

Only's in's America! But! Is okay's. Wife and's yoga teacher hole's of availability's soon's make the's appreciatory opening's after's monthly bloody tampon show!


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10.25.18: Shave you's balls with's passion > Not shave you's balls with's passion (-500) ======================= In's Progress of's the fucking

Wow's-ing! Amaze in you's face-ing's! Is of's the's incredibles! #11 in's the's consecutive-ing's! BonarRises nose the's prophecy's!

Even's 'Disbelieving-Doggy-Style-69' make write:

"BonarRises! You's is of's the's incredibles! I's be's disbelieving's!"



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Uh oh's! Is special announcement-ing's!

10.31.18: Penn State +11.5 > Michigan (-116) ======================= In's Progress of's the fucking


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10.31.18: Penn State +11.5 > Michigan (-116) ======================= Loss-ing! 42-7

+ 8.88 HOACOIN

Is of's the's incredibles! My's dog make the's selectings of's Michigan for's the victory's! But! I's make do mis-hear-ing's and's do's selectings of's Penn State! In facts! I's make the's watch of game and's game make gives me's the's indigestion'ing's!

I's make communication-ing's to's my's dog in's fart language: "I's has Penn State"

My's dog make the's hear and's make the face do's of's the's incredulity's! As if of's the saying's: "I's told for you's the's Michigan's!"

But! The's tears of cash crying is of's the momentary nature-ing's!

For's if we's make the's focus-ing's on's the's numbers, then's! we's have make begins the's tall understandings! IS rivaling's of's true understands! Indeed's! Is but have a's small sacrifice-ing's!



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11.07.18: Washington St. -5 > Colorado (-120) ======================= In's Progress of's the fucking
11.07.18: Federer > Nishikori (-324) ============================== In's Progress of's the fucking


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Now's we's make shake it up for's the's bad lucking's! How's? Why's, we's make put a 1-2 titty bounce 3-4 titty shake for's the sky's! You's titty appreciates? Goods!

11.16.18: Djokovic -4 > Cilic (-146) ========================= In's Progress of's the fucking
11.16.18: Vikings +10/Saints -1 (-140) =======================In's Progress of's the fucking


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I thought Shanty was tough to understand.

Oh's, I's make see-ing! Is the party time for's make tall shits on's BonarRises English-ing's. You's is funny man moose?

Maybe's I's make give on's you's thurrow knowledge's. You's make shave you's balls with's passion? Do's! Now's!

For's the instance! You's make shave the's balls with passion-ing's and's then's make walk through house-ing's with tall confidence struts. Then's!
In's the sudden-ing's wife in kitchen make say electricity power stop. Steak of delectable nature's on's stove-top cease for's the's cooking. What you's do's?

"Wife!" you's make shout. "Stand backing's!"

And then's you's use rays of sun powers through windows to's shine off you's clean passion-shaved balls and's heat the's steak with's reflection
heat beams! Instantaneous-ing's! You's cooky steak with's sun rays reflection'ing off you's shiny balls!

"Wow's-ing's!" you's wife make verbally ejaculate. Then's she make finish steak cook. But! She is of the's naked-ing while's cooking and you's make fist grab on's you's balls and's direct heat energy sun beams from's you's balls to's wife open-air cooter by stove-ing's!

Wife: "I's is on's fire with's the's hotness!"
Bread: "Of course-ing's! I's heat up the's steakings and's increase you's hot celsius degrees on's you's cooter! Power outage-ing's is no match for's me's!

You's see's! I's make shows you's how make cook steak with's ball sack heat technologies and's up wife cooter hots by 5,000 degree celsius-ing's! Do's I's get tall thank you's? No's and never's!

You's American fuck fucks just make put tall shits on's my's English's. Fuck's on's you's!