TODAY WINNERS! AutoDonk make deliver secret on winnings in's the beddings! Winners make free here in you's face'ings!

If you's a galavant'ing gynecologist and's have the's naked patients the's vertical smiles do's smilings on's you's.

Infact's! 'Cooter-Doctor-of-the-Vaginal-Respectables-69' make write:

"BonarRises, in's my's day's I's see-ing horrific cooters of's toxic gas releasing! Like gassy fumes of toxic wasting. Is of's the's disgusting! But! With you's teaser winning's cash I's make buy's gas mask for's battle these cooters of toxic gassy. Now's I's battle these plump housewife cooters like strong plumber do plunger damage on's rebellious toilet'ing of's the stinky. Disrespectable stinky cooters you's is no's match for's me's! I's thank you's, BonarRises!"

"And's pleasing's! Can's you's make provide the's #10 consecutiving?"

Wells! Congratulations on's you's, Dr. Cooter Plunge. Why's, you's make remind me's of old country'ing Lithuania. We's not have gynecologist in's my's bootyful country'ing of's Lithuania. Like you's, we's use bathroom plunger'ing on's wife cooter for's fixing!

"Oh's, is of the's disgusting, BonarRises! You's fix chocolate-y toilet and's dank cooter with's same's plunger?"

Fuck's knowing! All's Lithuanian man's have's two plunger in's housing. Is make remind me's when's wife of's extra plumpy make say neighbor woman make lose comforty chihuahua dog.

Well's, old BonarRises make apply plunger to neighbor woman cooter and's out make pop chihuahua dog Binky, two bucket'ings of Bon Bon's and's car keys!

You's sees! BonarRises not just make put victory's on's table! I's fix neighbor cooter with's plunger and's save's Binky the chihuahua from's deep recesses of's a dark, dank cooter.

And's remember! Make advance excrementally in's the direction of's you's dreams!
First's! We's make shave-ing's on's the's balls!

Then's! We's make apply'ing smooth powder-ing's!

Final-ation's! The's balls is of's the's ready's! We's do's smooth shave, classy powder-ing's!

I's is of's the's ready! Me's testicals is of's the's fantastical's! Is time-ing's of's the's #GO GETS!
Is special announcement-ing's! I's interrupting's the's shit posting's for's the's SPECIAL REPORT-ING'S!

10.19.18: WSU Cougars -1.5 > Dicks (-128) ======================= In's Progress of's the fucking
Bootyful tall mornings, genitalman's and's genitalwoman's!

We's have make achieve ten tall victory's in's the's consecutive-ing's!

10.19.18: WSU Cougars -1.5 > Dicks (-128) ======================= Win Orgasm: 34-20

+ 10.04 HOACOIN

For's this Soviet Army make bodacious dance party in's my's honor-ing's!

I's salute you's, Soviet Army!
06.13.18: Brazil win Group E (-373) =========================== Win Orgasm: Brazil 1st
07.12.18: DJOKOVIC 1ST SETT'ING (-103) PUT THE TALL BEATING ON NADAL ===================== Win Orgasm: Djok 6-4
07.14.18: DJOKOVIC MAKE TALL SMASHINGS -5 (-126) ON LESBIAN OF OSTRICH-FACINGS! ============ Win Orgasm: Djok 19-10
07.28.18: Isner/Ebden ^24.5 ================================ Win Orgasm: Isner 18-12
08.04.18: Cin/Was <10 (Harv/Hellickson) (-110) =================== Win Orgasm: Wash 6-2

08.29.18: Mexico -1.5 > Chile (-113) =========================== Win Orgasm: Mex 3-0
09.18.18: LA Rammings > Chargers (-300) ======================= Win Orgasm: 35-23
09.28.18: Massachoosus/Ohio's ^69.5 (+104) ===================== Win Orgasm: 58-42
10.03.18: Patriots -3/Rammings -0 (-130) ======================= Win Orgasm: 38-24 / 33-31
10.19.18: WSU Cougars -1.5 > Dicks (-128) ======================= Win Orgasm: 34-20

+ 10.04 HOACOIN
But! Not every person's make tall victory's celebration's!

But why's, BonarRises? You's make predict victory's before's future'ing! Who's not make the's listen?
'I's-is-a-Cat-and's-Current-Owner-Make-Fart-In's-My's-Facing's-69' make write:

"I's make hope escape current owner-ing's and's I's make the's bedding for's Oregon, not the's WSU Cougars. I's not make
listen to's the's BonarRising. I's make pay the's price-y!"

The's morality?

Do's the poosy make listen for's the advise-ing's? Do's the poosy listen? No's and nose!
Then's! We's have dog bitch make do's the similar's!

'Dog-Bitch-Bloated-Gift-a-Chocolate'y-Suprising's-69' make write:

"I's too have's hope desire for's escape owner-ing. And's I's make bedding for's the Oregon, not the's WSU Cougars!
I's feel anxious diarrhea-ing for's free blast for's whoever make next lift my's tail and's do's sneaky peaky at my's
bitch anal!"

The's morality's?

The poosy and's the bitch not make the's listen on's the regular! Thus-ing! They's pay's the price-y!
Be's wisdom-ful. Follow's the's winners!

And's remembers! Make advance excrementally in's the direction of you's dream-ing's!
Waits! Is the's breaking news'es!

We's make interrupt-ing's on's program for's #11 in's the consecutive-ing's! Is the's brought's to's you's by penis and balls package-ings news!

10.25.18: Shave you's balls with's passion > Not shave you's balls with's passion (-500) ======================= In's Progress of's the fucking