TODAY WINNERS! AutoDonk make deliver secret on winnings in's the beddings! Winners make free here in you's face'ings!


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Goooooooood evening's!

My's name is BonarRises! Meester BonarRises Jakmekokov!

My's brother of twin'ing Bonar make deathy in the's mysterious in plane accidental's! But! Is happen after police of behavior unacceptables make eyebrow frowning's on's him!

Here I's show you's how make pick the winner'ings!

6 in's a row'ing! Now's I's make the 7! (And's the secret for winnings in's the beddings? BonarRises make telegram messagings with's the AutoDonk! For later's! Now's! Enjoy's the showings... But! Only's if you's like the dollar biller'ings! Do's you's like the dollar biller'ings? I's do!)


Los Angeles Rammings -300

They's put electro-zapping on Charger'ings and do electro-zappings on's they's balls!


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-- Oh's BonarRises! The's price is of the tall'ings! I's can't make the affording's! -300? I's have the scary and's make the pee'ing and's the shit'ting in's me's pants!

-- Shut you's hole of mouth! Be's the man! Make put penis balls packaging's on's bedding counter! Rammings make the winnings!

-- Oh's BonarRises! You's is of the genius!

-- I's know's! Does the frog make do the ribbit'ing?
this guy's writing reminds me of Kazakhstan's new Latin based alphabet being changed from the old Soviet Cyrillic, the problem is that Kazakh is Turkic based

Because Kazakh features many sounds that are not easily rendered into either the Cyrillic or Latin alphabets without additional markers, a decision needed to be made whether to follow Turkish, which uses the Latin script but includes cedillas, tildes, breves, dots and other markers to clarify pronunciation, or invent alternative phonetic pointers.

but the President-for-life Nazarbayev wanted a Latin alphabet without all those funny crap thingys and instead only use apostrophes

For example, the letter “I” with an apostrophe designates roughly the same sound as the “I” in Fiji, while “I” on its own sounds like the vowel in fig. The letter “S” with an apostrophe indicates “sh” and C’ is pronounced “ch.” Under this new system, the Kazakh word for cherry will be written as s’i’i’e, and pronounced she-ee-ye.

the President for life is an idiot :facepalm:


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I don't care who he is. I wish for him to stay forever.

Is of the intelligents! When's I's is young man I's make read the intelligents of's the Stoolstoy. In's the's Russia they's have Tolstoy giant genius'ing. But! In's my's country of nativity we's have Stoolstoy. Is the version'ing of's the shittier, But! He's have the wisdom's'ings in you's face'ings.

For's the's exzample'ings:

Bigdicknikov: "Ludmilla, do's you's have the vaginal fancy and delightings for's Igor?"
Ludmilla: "I's not have the's knowing's, Bigdicknikov!"

Bigdicknikov, now's losing the's stabilities of emotional foundationals, make cries out with's the passion'ings: "Ludmilla, I's love's you's! Igor.... Igor... He's have bulging's of false reality's. Bulge'ing's in's shoulder is hunchbacking! Is not bonar of second bulgings on's the body!"

Ludmilla: "Oh's Bigdicknikov, why's you's always make viewings on's world with penis vagina attract'ivity? Do's you's think Ludmilla have's the belief'ings of make ride on solid bonar flesh pole off into's sunsettings? A woman's have's the emotional heart and love's, two!"

Bigdicknikov, with the's hope of 3-pointers'ing at the buzzer's, then's stand tall: "Then's you's will's make marriage'ings with the's Bigdicknikov of's tremendous bonar styles?"

Ludmilla, in's ecstacy'ing for's emotional toying in's ole Bigdicknikov's facings make declare with machine gunning laughter's of giddy: "These hole's is for's the's best tall offering's! Maybe's twonight I's make double-bouncing on Igor double-bulges!"

Bigdicknikov, in's a raging, make the declare shout: "Is a hunchbacking! For's the sake'ing of tall hard fucks! Is not a second bonar penis bulge on's the body!"

Teela is have the's inteligents! I's knows this!


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06.13.18: Brazil win Group E (-373) =========================== Win Orgasm: Brazil 1st
07.12.18: DJOKOVIC 1ST SETT'ING (-103) PUT THE TALL BEATING ON NADAL ===================== Win Orgasm: Djok 6-4
07.14.18: DJOKOVIC MAKE TALL SMASHINGS -5 (-126) ON LESBIAN OF OSTRICH-FACINGS! ============ Win Orgasm: Djok 19-10
07.28.18: Isner/Ebden ^24.5 ================================ Win Orgasm: Isner 18-12
08.04.18: Cin/Was <10 (Harv/Hellickson) (-110) =================== Win Orgasm: Wash 6-2
08.29.18: Mexico -1.5 > Chile (-113) =========================== Win Orgasm: Mex 3-0

09.18.18: LA Rammings > Chargers (-300) ======================= In's Progress of's the fucking


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Please! Make the excuse'ings of the's me's absent'ings. Is tall total of's the's many poster'izers of GameLive make intense messaging for's my's Inbox!

"How's you's know's Rammings make put tall smashing's on's Charger'izers?"
make say one poster'izer. "I's need victory of sure'ty for's cash winnings so I's buy pills of penis increase sizing!"

Wells! Is of's the easy. Ndamnadung Suh, the's secret Wakanda president, make put attach micro-chip on's balls of Philip Rivers in's the pilings during's game. Then's, in's precise moment of Charger'izers attack the's defense coordination man do's remote control electro-zapping's on's balls of greasy of Philip Rivers. Then's Rivers make interception passing's.

Concluding's? Wakanda president Ndamnadung Suh put electro-zapping's mechanism on's balls of greasy of Rivers. Interception'ing in's precise moment of psychological's. Rammings do's rammings on's all's holes of Charger'izers.

-- Oh's, BonarRises, you's is of the tall genius natures! Do's you's have an's exzample'ing's of how's win with make put electro-zapping's on the poosy?

-- Of's course'ings! Here! Make put you's eyeball's on's neighbor country of Russia. Soldier do solution'als and's insure future non tree climbing by's do's electro-zapping's on's the poosy!

1:45 "We's have's acquired electricity!"

Now's you's have knowledge'ing's of how's put electro-zapping's on's the poosy!



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09.18.18: LA Rammings > Chargers (-300) ======================= Win Orgasm: 35-23


Oh's... Oh's... Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh's!!!!! Is the victory win's orgasmics!
I's give winner, And! so's many's of's the women's make wet congratulatory's towards my's bonar tower!

Make readings!

make messages towards me's:

"Oh's BonarRises, you's do's the's incredibles. I's make shake a titty of perky jerky at you's. Thank you's for's the tremendous. Please make visit and make poundings on's my's holes of wet desirables when's you likes!"