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  • Hey Rogue, why were you asking if I was a costa rican or american in CR? I have both citizenship's if that helps you in any way.
    Hey, any chance you could share what location ChuckD's ip is from?
    Paupermean,horny wives exact means
    hope u let me know as its better to ask than become laugh of otehrs.
    RJ well,as you havehad visit as i wrote you earlier,these stiffs saying that they will only can send me 504 as a value SCI member as contest is over befor emonth,
    I have no paypal account,one i had but closed as pakistn not listed in their category!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    if you would like to give me a hlping shoulder you can visit and write to admin so you collect those 50 bucks in you account and than if you like than transfer those funds in my DSI,BOOKMAKER or else acocunt.i do not treat you like following.
    1- ONE Mulla was on walking early in the morning with his hot young daughter,they saw two dogs are running with both fix with each other.
    daughter: father whats that?
    mulla:daughter one dog gave a helping shoulder to other dog,
    Daughterwas young enough she replied,yes father you are right in today world whom you gave helping shoulder bang your ass!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Aaron Lein posted on your Wall.
    "A Pakistan location and the obvious friends? God I hope this is who I think it is because my all important facebook friendship circle is now complete!"
    whats this mean RJ,seems its over our friendship??????????????????????????????? you got dumb silenece on my querries!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    rough stiff,i am searhing on net for steve janus frree 3 day MLB picks trial,i again and again search but could not found link other than,let me know if you now URL.thanks
    Hey, would you know where I can find dynamic lines for soccer, with different books listed? The site I use isn't working atm. Thanks!
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