TODAY WINNERS! AutoDonk make deliver secret on winnings in's the beddings! Winners make free here in you's face'ings!


Many's of's the people-ing's make the's write in tall's angers.

-- "We's in quest for's victory's cash money's, BonarRises!"
-- "I's make the's financial investment-ing's on's Washington State! Where's is victory's?"

-- "We's want cash dollar win's up on in's dis bitch-ing's right now's!"

But! I's do's the's responding's. Is like a's trip journey'ing! Maybe you's make cry like a's bitch on's progress'ing, but! in's the's finality's you's make huge plastic surgery's smile and's do make whistle's of's zip-titty-do-dah'ing's out you's hole of ass-ing's!

You's understand-ification'ing?

Never realized how much I missed these types of characters. Good say!

Is man a character? Is you's on's the crazy juice?

I's is BonarRises Jakmekokov of's long line and's girths of's Lithuanian strong family naturals!

Traditionals? ---------------------------------------------------------- Strong's!
Bonar flesh power sausage? ----------------------------------------- Strong's! And's even longers!
Sexual satisfy ability's on's women's holes of quality moistings? -- 8 days a's week!

How's dares you's?!!!!!

But! Is okay. Why's? Well's, is make me's do's the thinks and's remembers true character of's conspirational natures. Who's? Yes, is neighbor of Eddie Bravo!

Behold! Is man they's call "Edgy Bravado". You's make believing? They's make live on's same street.

Edgy Bravado make say:

"For's Apollyon is their's man. And's for's Apollyon they's make put name for's Apollo 11. They's make trick on's you's. And! In's you's facing's! For's their's hate is love and's their's love is hate. And's they's hide in's plain sight.

When's they's visit 9/11 upon's you's, you's see's but do's not see's."

Rev 9:11
"And they had a king over them, which is the angel of the bottomless pit, whose name in the Hebrew tongue is Abaddon, but in the Greek tongue hath his name Apollyon."

BonarRises: "Wow's! Edgy Bravado knows! He's knows!"
Edgy Bravado: "Pleasing's to's meets you's, BonarRises! And's remember's! They's make hide in's plain sight (666)"
Yup, dude's next level man.

Teela has been all over him.

Wrong's! Teela is of's the's intelligents. Many's knowldege quantity's of's people pale's in's the comparison'ing's to's her tall intelligents! She make the smart and's do teaser winning cash dollar. Then's, with's profit-ing's, she make fly to beautiful Lithuania to visit BonarRises in's capital city of's Vilnius. BonarRises make journey-ing on's hobby horse
from's village of his originality -- TallDickForestIn'sYou'sFacing's Village -- and's arrives to's Vilnius for's conference with's the's American.

However's! Meeting make never happen. Why's? Well's in's Lithuania housekeeper worker's have tall strong sexual natures. Muscular housekeeper man in's Vilnius hotel make say to's Teela through's door:

"Housekeeping! Me's make jack you off with's finger telephone dialing on's you's clitoris like mad man?"

And's thus Teela make leave country in's the's immediates! Is sad but is of's the's truths!