TODAY WINNERS! AutoDonk make deliver secret on winnings in's the beddings! Winners make free here in you's face'ings!


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Many's of's the people-ing's make the's write in tall's angers.

-- "We's in quest for's victory's cash money's, BonarRises!"
-- "I's make the's financial investment-ing's on's Washington State! Where's is victory's?"

-- "We's want cash dollar win's up on in's dis bitch-ing's right now's!"

But! I's do's the's responding's. Is like a's trip journey'ing! Maybe you's make cry like a's bitch on's progress'ing, but! in's the's finality's you's make huge plastic surgery's smile and's do make whistle's of's zip-titty-do-dah'ing's out you's hole of ass-ing's!

You's understand-ification'ing?



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Never realized how much I missed these types of characters. Good say!

Is man a character? Is you's on's the crazy juice?

I's is BonarRises Jakmekokov of's long line and's girths of's Lithuanian strong family naturals!

Traditionals? ---------------------------------------------------------- Strong's!
Bonar flesh power sausage? ----------------------------------------- Strong's! And's even longers!
Sexual satisfy ability's on's women's holes of quality moistings? -- 8 days a's week!

How's dares you's?!!!!!

But! Is okay. Why's? Well's, is make me's do's the thinks and's remembers true character of's conspirational natures. Who's? Yes, is neighbor of Eddie Bravo!

Behold! Is man they's call "Edgy Bravado". You's make believing? They's make live on's same street.

Edgy Bravado make say:

"For's Apollyon is their's man. And's for's Apollyon they's make put name for's Apollo 11. They's make trick on's you's. And! In's you's facing's! For's their's hate is love and's their's love is hate. And's they's hide in's plain sight.

When's they's visit 9/11 upon's you's, you's see's but do's not see's."

Rev 9:11
"And they had a king over them, which is the angel of the bottomless pit, whose name in the Hebrew tongue is Abaddon, but in the Greek tongue hath his name Apollyon."

BonarRises: "Wow's! Edgy Bravado knows! He's knows!"
Edgy Bravado: "Pleasing's to's meets you's, BonarRises! And's remember's! They's make hide in's plain sight (666)"


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Yup, dude's next level man.

Teela has been all over him.

Wrong's! Teela is of's the's intelligents. Many's knowldege quantity's of's people pale's in's the comparison'ing's to's her tall intelligents! She make the smart and's do teaser winning cash dollar. Then's, with's profit-ing's, she make fly to beautiful Lithuania to visit BonarRises in's capital city of's Vilnius. BonarRises make journey-ing on's hobby horse
from's village of his originality -- TallDickForestIn'sYou'sFacing's Village -- and's arrives to's Vilnius for's conference with's the's American.



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However's! Meeting make never happen. Why's? Well's in's Lithuania housekeeper worker's have tall strong sexual natures. Muscular housekeeper man in's Vilnius hotel make say to's Teela through's door:

"Housekeeping! Me's make jack you off with's finger telephone dialing on's you's clitoris like mad man?"

And's thus Teela make leave country in's the's immediates! Is sad but is of's the's truths!


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Apologize-ification! Wow's! Do's the BonarRises not make the's wish Merry Thanksgivings on's you's American apple pie'ers?

Apologize-ification-ing! Please! Merry Thanksgivings and's wish on's you's a's clean-shaven gobbler for's the holiday party times!



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Oh's! Wow's-ing! Casper make climb ascend for's stand on's edge of's roof-topping! Why's? He's try make
dump of's delirious dookies of dangerous dimensions on's my's English's!

What is you's, Casper? You's is an insult dog? You's make the bark attack when's I's talk the's incorrect
grammar jive-ing? You's is bastard-izing the's air particles with's you's mouthy mouthy insult dog manures!
Start! Now's! Respectables!

And's! For's the informationals in's you's face-ing's, BonarRises make speak the's seven language-ing's!



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But! Is of's the okay's. Why's? Well's, I's has telephone conference-ing with's the's American Casper.
And's! He's make deliver the following informationals:

"Dear BonarRises. You's is a genius-ing! I's make shave me's balls with incredible passion in's bathroom.
Then's I's wax me's balls for's the extra shiny. I's feel like a bill of the twenty dollar!

Then's! I's make leave bathroom for's bedroom to make classy presentation of's me balls of sexy
capacity's for's the face-ing's of's me's girlfriend of's big tits natures.

Girlfriend in bedding with's the beauty mirror in's face-ing! She make do beauty check for's the vanity.
So's! I's make arrival-ing in's doorway. But! Girlfriend make lower mirror and's light beam from window-ing
make reflect off mirror and's do power shine on's me's balls of shiny waxy. Yes's! Indeed's! Light energy
make heat up and's power-charge me's balls. But! Light reflection off balls of's sexy make light blinding
in girlfriend face-ing!

Girlfriend make see only strobe light intensity's.
'Is a space alien! They live!" she make scream. "I's make
protect of's the's self-defense-ing!'

And's with's that saying, the's girlfriend make electro-zapping on's balls of Casper with's tazer! But! Is more!
Then's girlfriend make take the's cattle prod from's side of's bed and's do cattle prod electro-zapping on's
the's balls of waxy of Casper!

Zippity! Zappity! Snap Crackle-y Be-Poppity! (Wow's-ing! He's balls make do's the resiliency!)

Do's the balls of Casper make the's crispy and's the's burnt-y? No's! The electro-zapping on's the's balls
of Casper make power charge up his balls-ing and make do increasing of two-inch extension-ing on's the
Casper power sausage!

Then's! Girlfriend make proposal of's the marriage-ing to Casper because the extra two-inching add-on on's
his power sausage make do complete her!

BonarRises! You's is of's the's amazing! I's make put the shave of classy on's me's balls and's now's! the's
woman of's my dreaming's make the wife-ing for's me! Now's I's have expectation of's happy
marriage-ing where's wifey make build me a's sammich 8 days of's the week. Oh's! I's is happy.
Thank you's, BonarRises!"

You's is welcome, Casper. Now's! Please! With you's permission-als I's make presentation-als of you's wife-ing!



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Do's we's forget the Juror? No's!

Juror make drive automobile of's fancy styles to's the gym.

Then's he's make exercise-ing of's boxing on's the bag. But! He make finish at exactly 11:11 and 18 seconds. Is of's the's amazing's!



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Boston @ Washington (NBA)(Today's)
Oklahoma vs. Alabama (NCAAF)

12.12.18: Celtics -2.5/Alabama win (+115) ========================In's Progress of's the fucking


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Good luck Bonar
Why's, tall thank you's directings for's you's, Mr. Juror!

But! The luckings is not of's the needings. Why's? Well's, do's you's have the's remember-ing's of's you's mission of's secret spy in's Burj Khalifa? You's make spy journey with's Teela for's infiltrate capture of's target on's floor of's 133rd.

Teela make wait in's spy van. Juror make do electricity wire cut in's Khalifa basement'ing.

Teela: "Juror, you's has the wire?"
Juror: "I's not knows! But! I's make cutting's for's yellow wire!"

Then's Juror make cut wire and's whole power source-ing make decline. "Fuck shitt-ing!" make scream the Juror. "Teela! I's make cut cancel electricity's for's whole Khalifa's in's the accidentals! We's has 10 minute-ing of's the time-ing and's security teams make the's arriving!"

Teela: "Fucking and shitt-ing! What we's do's, Juror?!"
Juror: "I's going to's make shave me's balls!"
Teela: "Wait! What's? Now's? With what's?
Juror: "With's the PASSIONS!!!"

Teela: "Oh's, Juror. You's is amazing's and's dreamy!"

Juror: "I's knows. Now's! Quick-ing! Teela, make get two set of's the jumper cable-ings. You's going make apply jumper cable to generator and's me's balls of fresh shaven integrity's! Then's! You's make take second jumper cable and's make apply to me's balls of inspirationals for's the's ladies and's make connect to's the wire box.

Then's, on's my's commanding's, you's make slam down'ing generator switch with's full-force-ing's! Generator make do electro-zapping and's power-charge up me's ball's and's I re-power's the's Burj Khalifa!

And's the's resulting's?

Morality's? Never's make do's under-calculating's on's the's Juror's balls of electro-zapping capacity's!


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New Orleans @ Milwaukee (NBA)(Today's)
Oklahoma vs. Alabama (NCAAF)

12.19.18: Milwaukee Under 231.5/Alabama win (+124) ================In's Progress of's the fucking