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  • LOL at shanty's veiled threats of friendship removal if Cougar doesn't pay up soon. This guy's like the mafia. You know, I still consider you a friend, for now....
    LOL you're just figuring this out?

    Oh man check out Shanty workin it over here! GO SHANTY GO!!
    cougar you are my firend i still consider you my friend.right,but,i feel slightly ignorance that it is said'friend is in need is a friend indeed'i just ask you for sbr points so that i get out of hot water,but,you keep taunting like others jesters although i do not call you jesters,but these are sbr popints only,robyn is much generous lady as well durto too,anyway be happy.
    cougar shoot me 120 or so points nba card is too long today hope i make some points to buy something at sbrstore.i do not want to contact you at sbr.
    I am so glad that you are posting here! I've missed you, sonny boy. I know that Bread definitely has. He = gay for you.
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