TODAY WINNERS! AutoDonk make deliver secret on winnings in's the beddings! Winners make free here in you's face'ings!


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Now's you's make do the's bedding of's the's teaser'izing! For's the victory's!

10.03.18: Patriots -3/Rammings -0 (-130) ===================== In's Progress of's the fucking

(Tie make the's pushing.)

Please! Pleasing's! Calm you's tits! I's see's so much's of's the's excitement energizing's!

'Delilah-Is-Totally-Dickable-69' make the hot wets of's the totality and's make send's me's her emotionals after tall victory's of Patriots:

But! Calm you's emotionals! For's! Job is not have's the's finish'ing!


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And's! I's also's make see's the's wagon band'ers of's the late arriving's!

'One-More-Cookie-And-I'm-A-Whale-69' make try to join'ing this winner's of ascension in's the tardy! However's! If you's late to's a sexy orgy, you's is a voyeur-meister!

So's BonarRises not make kick you's off helicopter! I's only make say make the's arrivals of's the's ample early's! For's remembers! A's teaser is a's two-part dealing's!



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Listen's! Make put the ear's to's the computer screen'ings!

In's the region of's the Russia I's have the homelanding. Is of tall sadness I's suggest-ify McGregor put dizzy smash on's Khabib. And's I's have informationals of's the's inside'ing for's the Volkov giant. Reporter make ask Volkov if do's hack election of's the's 2016! Is the Russian Volkov hack election tall Volkov make re-state in's bitch reporter facing's:

"Reporter gossip machine, I's is Volkov! Maybe's I's hack election, maybe's I's not. But! Make understanding's. I's sleep with the's two nuclear war-heading's! Is the's left fist nuclear bombing and's the's right fist nuclear bombing! I's make defeating's on's Lewis"

But! Is only of's the's suggestional's. Only's officiality's of's the teaser!

Rammings? Go gets!



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Tall evening's to you's bitches of addicting!

Do's you's have's the pleasing's? Good. Greats.
Fantastical's on's you's testicals!

10.03.18: Patriots -3/Rammings -0 (-130) ======================= Win Orgasm: 38-24 / 33-31

+ 9.04 HOACOIN


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Listen's! In tall quantity's they's arrive many of's the's message'ing's. I's knows it seems of's the's incredibles, but! in the actuality's a's bitch of's the's four paw natures make write message'ing for's Mr. BonarRises!

Can you's imagine'ings? Bitch dog so happy of's the's victory's of's the teaser for's nine victory in's the consecutive'ing, that bitch dog make dance-y dance-y video. Incredibles!

Bitch! I's salute's you's.


Punk Troller: "Oh's BonarRises, you's make correspondence'ing English language's with's dog? You's is of's the crazy!"

BonarRises: "Punk Troller, pleasing's! I's writes this shit's! You's shuts you's hole of mouth!"


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Concentration's! You's! Now-ing! Make do the concentration's!

Why's? Well's, now's we's make the victory of's the 10 consecutive'ing. Do's you's have the's desire for cash dollar?
Oh's, so nice. Go gets the money. Go get's ass dildo for's wife yoga teacher of's the hots! She extend the cooter and ass complex up, out and's to the stars! You's cooter and hole of ass I's admire, Ms. Yoga Teacher! Don't mindings my's wife. She's has ass of 30 kilo extra carriage-ing's!

I's make bonar smash to ceiling in's my's appreciation-ing's of you's tremendous tits and's hole of ass packaging's!

Oh's shit! Oh's shitting in's the accidentals to fill up the boxer'ings! I's make talk of the's 10 consecutive'ing's, but! then's big tits and's holes of tight tremendous nature's do's distraction-ing's on's my's mind!


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BonarRises also make receive'ing's of's the message-ing's from's so much fan's of's the India. BonarRises have tall popular reaching's in's the India!

Why's? Wells, is of's the logical's. You's not make country of's billion population'ing's unless the women's make vaginal appreciation's on's a bonar rises! Logical's in's you's facings!

make write: "BonarRises, you's make the tease and's make produce the's victory's. I's dance for's the victory's of tall cash dollar-ing's"



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I really like this guy. Poster of the year material.

As you's know's, Teela's nose best!

Now's, you's will make excuze for's the tardy. Where's was BonarRises? At a deluxe dinner-ing of's the's scrumptous offering's of's gourmet calibers?

No's! Why's, I's make aerobic-cize exercizing to's my's favorite video-ing!

But! Waits! Don't make have the's worry concern's. My's penis and balls packaging was is have smooth secure'ing in's stylish non-gay tights of's aerobic-ocity! I's appreciates you's tries put worry energy's on's my's penis and balls packaging. But! Like's me's, my's junk is strong like trunk!

At ease, genitalmen's and genitalwomen's!


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Listen's! Many question-izer's of's the's message'ing make ask:

"BonarRises, is 47th Problem-ing of's Euclid the's foundation'als for's winning in's the bedding?"

Surprising's! Up on's in's you's facing's! No's! The's winnings make require the's necessity's of math's basic'als of's the Bubba!

Mathematic'als! Basic'als! You's. Now's!


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Do's you's have the's desire-ing's for's #10?

Listen's! BonarRises on's safari hunting make see strong lion dinner in's distance. Lion make growl's, make roar's and's make wave tail around's hole of's ass because flies make fiesta party'ing around's lion hole of ass that do's plump shitting in's the recent's. And's! Why's not? Lion not make use the's toilet paper'ing for's circumspect Lion King ass-cleaning! Of course's 200 fly's make jubilation techno parties there's.

What is point'ing, BonarRises?

Fuck you's! I's write this shits! Calm's you's sensational's!

The point'ing is of's this! Lion is far's in distance. But! When's lion make move 33 pace'ings to's north, Then's! Is in's range'ing's of perfect shooting's accuracy's!


Is of the simple! If Federer and's Djokovic make advance'ing's into's finals of's the Shanghai, then's lion is in's the range'ing's! Then's we's have the victory's of's the's #10!

We's waits! Have's the patients!

In's the meantime'ing we's watch the lion's do's the kinky sex pump-ing's!