TODAY WINNERS! AutoDonk make deliver secret on winnings in's the beddings! Winners make free here in you's face'ings!

Juror: "I's going to's make shave me's balls!"
Teela: "Wait! What's? Now's? With what's?
Juror: "With's the PASSIONS!!!"

wow Bonar no one has ever said such nice things about my eletro capacity before, i'm teary eye

ps. would love to be in a basement and do khalifas with teela in the mid east


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Juror make have tall toughness of's the's ballsack tendencies! He's make electrozap charge up tall buildings with's he's balls! And's! Make show exhibition of's ballsack tendencies for's the toughness!


Beijing @ Guangdong (China)(Basketball's)
Oklahoma vs. Alabama (NCAAF)

12.26.18: Guangdong Under 218.5/Alabama win (+122) ===============In's Progress of's the fucking


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So's much the's anger-ing's! Why's, man of midget-ing make write attack on's my's profession-alities!

Anger-Midget-Explosion-For's-Two-Losses-69 make write:

"BonarRises! Fuck's on's you's! I's make wager the house-ing's and's the's miniature horse-ing's! No's brings the's victory's? Fuck's on's you's!"

Oh's really? Have's the calm downing's, miniature miracle man! Is game of's longevity's and's long-term'ings!


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Now's! I's has make do's the's computational's! My's assistant Eye-gore has make do's the calculator confirmationals. We's is ready for's tall victory's!

La Union @ Argentino (Argentina)(Basketball's)
Cowboys vs. Rammings (NFL)

01.09.19: La Union ^168.5/Rammings win (+148) ===================In's Progress of's the fucking

Mobis @ Sakers (Korea)(Basketball's)
Cowboys vs. Rammings (NFL)

01.09.19: Mobis Under 160/Rammings win (+148) ===================In's Progress of's the fucking


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Salutational's, Juror!

Now's! Please-ing's! I's like make give tall thank you's on's my's distributor Jarlitta Eye-Pop Johnson. She make do distribute on's my's selections of's winning in's shop of's fortune tell.

Make read her's lips of fleshy. She make have American woman of's double cheeseburger overdose in's fortune shop. She make say "OVER! UNDER!" (*) and American buffalo woman make scream in's surprise-ing's because she's have knowing's is two winners of's the's guaranteed instantaneous-ing!

Jarlitta! I's make accept you's invitation-ing! When's in's America I's make visit Louisiana to's see's you's and's eat the's buckets of Jumbo Shrimp from's Louisiana coastals! I's imagine-ing it make be an's eye-popping experience!

*La Union and's Mobis


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Fashion-Designer-Is-The-Tits-69 make write:

"BonarRises, congratulatory's for's you's! You's make the's two selection-ing's for's easy victory's. You's always make
the's victory's in's a's dominating fashion?"

Salutational's for you's, Designer Tits. But! Fuck's on's you's! You's think I's make do the's gambling by make put on's the dominating fashion?

Like of's this?

No's and never's! I's do not make the gambles with the's kinky. But! In's the occasional's I's make put it in's the wife's hole of stinky!


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BonarRises, they's make ask of's me, do's you's have a's recommendational?

Of course-ing's! I's make put the recommend of drink the Dr. Pepper'ing!



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Soon's! Coming in's you's face-ing's! The's story of's truth of's Teela and Juror business-ing. Yes's! Teela and Juror make business of AAA electric ball-zapping for's side of road servicing's!

01.18.19: Patriots -1.5 > Chiefs (+158) ======================= In's Progress of's the fucking


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Alarm-ing's! Stopping's!

Do's you's has the's knowledge-ing's of's the Juror and Teela AAA business-ing?

Well's, yes. Indeed-ing's! After make spy success Burj Khalifa operation, the's Juror and's the's Teela make travel
to's Unite-ing States. There's they's make do establish AAA business roadside assistance-ing.

Is you's car has emotional's or's mechanical's breakdown-ing's? Nose problem! Juror make drop his drawers and's Teela make do's the's electro-zapping on's Juror balls. Then's Juror balls make charging jump electrify of's stranded driver battery.

Here's! I's make do's the graph-ing:

  1. Teela make do's the's attach cable on's Juror balls.
  2. Juror make do's the's attach connect second cable on's he's balls and's to's car battery stranded.
  3. Teela make fire's up generator. VA-VOOM! VOOM! VOOM! VOOM-ING! ZAP DEEZ BALLS-ING'S!!! She make do high intensity ball-zapping. Then's Juror balls electro- jump start car battery stranded.

Can's you say's service-ing's?

Success-ing's! Now's they's make the's mega cash flow literally hand over testicle!


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19-5 ?


Danger's! Is of's the's danger-ifications!

Man make think he can make do's self electro-zapping's on's he's balls and's make the's improves on's dance moves! Sir! Sir! You's make consult-ify of's the Teela for's proper electro-zapping's on's you's balls!

Now's you's balls make the crispy and's the burnt-y!