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  • Bread cut Tonya's photo from my main photot and fix in apart photot with me with king Solomon throne.
    you have my facebook password to change that .
    also post king SOLOMON elephant teeth throne photo,total 4 phoptos,me,ghazal,tonya and king solomon throne,if it isnnt happen today it appears to me you too making laugh at me!and i am damn serious!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Bread, please do this for me as you are IT demon!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    go to Tonya real photot as avator,please bring this and cut and paste at face book where you paste my phtot and if possible cut and paste ghazal's photo i delivered to robyn,cut her photot and paste it too at facebook,thank you.
    I am illusionary person ,may these cuties bring good luck to me,thankyou .
    I hope you know I was kidding about you shitting a brick. I didn't think that you really shitted a brick. But I think you shit a brick over me saying that you shit a brick. There's no beef, I was wrong. Please don't be mad at me. :fro:
    Bread its seems nit good to ask you again,buti lost 400$ for atlanta and wizards last night,all i have to cut down my wagers now,please shoot me any nba or cbb winner or mlb,but,donnt be joking,thankyou,i can even give you my password at betphoenix for a while so you see i am in hot waters!i hoping for a helping hand,i couple of days ago when you gave me a winner for bobcats under,want to ask you again but,due to shame i didnnt ask you,lit appears to me like i ashamed like Tonya your would be sister-in-law .
    Bread,please give me a nba confirm winner,i am going down at betphoenix,please do not joke this time,i am waiting,please write on my profile as i write on your 's .
    Sure if you are feeling froggy and Immor or Mex are too plastered and not around, feel free.

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