TODAY WINNERS! AutoDonk make deliver secret on winnings in's the beddings! Winners make free here in you's face'ings!


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Was/is the's bomb-ing's?

Cover art

Sometimes I's make look picture. But! Do's I's make look the's harder? I's make see bomb? You's make see's bomb?

48 JN 97. Is for's you's. Is for's me's.


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Jarlitta! Make analysis of's the's philosphy of's ball shave excellence's! You's put you's eyeballs-ing's on it! Is the's philosophy of's make tall success?

Image result for shave your balls meme cat Image result for eye pop out gif

And you's conclusion-ary?

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Deportivo Libertad/Weber Bahia Estudiantes

01.30.19: Deportivo/Weber Bahia Under 153.5 (-109) ============= In's Progress of's the fucking

You's might make have want-ing's for's make do's the's jump on it!

fail fat girl GIF


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Stopping's! I's make the 20-5 record-ing. But! I's make the's receive-ing of's mailing's of hate.

Cockdar Ishitta from's the India make try do fade's on the's selection-ing's for's the tall dollar-ing and make me's send mail of's hate. And's! He's make the's lose-ing's.

Now's Cockdar make try's the cash generation by's walnut skull smashing.

Cockdar! I's make shits you's not! Do's not make the's fade-ing!


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06.13.18: Brazil win Group E (-373) =========================== Win Orgasm: Brazil 1st
07.12.18: DJOKOVIC 1ST SETT'ING (-103) PUT THE TALL BEATING ON NADAL ===================== Win Orgasm: Djok 6-4
07.14.18: DJOKOVIC MAKE TALL SMASHINGS -5 (-126) ON LESBIAN OF OSTRICH-FACINGS! ============ Win Orgasm: Djok 19-10
07.28.18: Isner/Ebden ^24.5 ================================ Win Orgasm: Isner 18-12
08.04.18: Cin/Was <10 (Harv/Hellickson) (-110) =================== Win Orgasm: Wash 6-2
08.29.18: Mexico -1.5 > Chile (-113) =========================== Win Orgasm: Mex 3-0

09.18.18: LA Rammings > Chargers (-300) ======================= Win Orgasm: 35-23
09.28.18: Massachoosus/Ohio's ^69.5 (+104) ===================== Win Orgasm: 58-42
10.03.18: Patriots -3/Rammings -0 (-130) ======================= Win Orgasm: 38-24 / 33-31
10.19.18: WSU Cougars -1.5 > Dicks (-128) ======================= Win Orgasm: 34-20

10.31.18: Penn State +11.5 > Michigan (-116) ===================== Loss-ing! : Mich 42-7

11.07.18: Washington St. -5 > Colorado (-120) ==================== Win Orgasm: 31-7
11.07.18: Federer > Nishikori (-324) =========================== Loss-ing! : Nish 13-9
11.16.18: Djokovic -4 > Cilic (-146) ============================ Win Orgasm: 13-8
11.16.18: Vikings +10/Saints -1 (-140) ========================== Win Orgasm: 20-25 / 48-7
11.21.18: WSU Cougars -2 > Wash (-115) ======================== Loss-ing! : Wash 28-15
11.28.18: CSKA/Real Madrid ^174 (+107) ======================== Win Orgasm: 93-88
12.12.18: Celtics -2.5/Alabama win (+115) ======================== Win Orgasm: 130-125 / Ala 45-34
12.19.18: Milwaukee Under 231.5/Alabama win (+124) =============== Loss-ing! : 123-115 / Ala 45-34
12.26.18: Guangdong Under 218.5/Alabama win (+122)
=============== Loss-ing! : 129-101 / Ala 45-34

01.09.19: La Union ^168.5/Rammings win (+148) =================== Win Orgasm: 90-84 / Ram 30-22
01.09.19: Mobis Under 160/Rammings win (+148) =================== Win Orgasm: 87-68 / Ram 30-22
01.18.19: Patriots -1.5 > Chiefs (+158) =========================== Win Orgasm: 37-31
01.23.19: Osaka > Pliskova (-141) ============================== Win Orgasm: 16-12
01.24.19: Djokovic win Australia Open's (+102) ===================== Win Orgasm: Djok win's dat shit
01.30.19: Deportivo/Weber Bahia Under 153.5 (-109) ================= Win Orgasm: 73-51


+ 15.27 HOACOIN
% 80.76923

Mendoza Line: -109
Mendoza Line: % 61.1

Mario, we's make the's improve on's price. And's! For's the's example-ing. 428-272 = 0.611 42857


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BonarRises has strong convince-ing's for's Rammings -0.5 first half. But! Now's BonarRises has make the's 6 in-a-row'ings. Make waitings! No play's!


Soon make the's selection'ing for's the #7 in-a-row'ings.


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Now's we's have make the's strong!

Factual's! The's consecutive-ing is make of 6, the heat temper-tures is of's the's hot-ting and the's bonar is of's the's rising!

AutoDonk weatherpimp make shows you's the way!

Image result for weatherman gif boner

No doubt-ing's! BonarRises make rise to the's occasion's!

But! First-ing's we's make read the mailings of's the's inspirational's for BonarRises appeciation'als.
'Valerie-the-Vacuum Cleaner-69' make write:

"BonarRises, I's make follows you's for's the tall victory! Victory's! I's make enjoy the's winning's. I's wins the's money's, buy's the cocaine-ing, then's I's make buy vacuum cleaner attachment-als. I's make improve the power of suck with's new attachment. Suck more, make earn more money's. You's make the's #7 for's me's?"

Tall thank you's, Valerie. I's has appreciates for you's. You's dedication'als? Of's the strong! Infact's! If's the wife-ing's of's the planetary have's you's dedication'als for's make improve the's power of suck, husband planetary make explosion happiness in's wife face-ing's and's do's the dedicate for's earns more cash-ing's for's wife shoe purchase addiction'ing!


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Now's! We's make the serious!

Fight NOT make go's the's distance-ing for's the #7. They's make do face smash enjoyments for's title-ing.

02.06.19: Whittaker/Gastelum face smash early's (-175) ================ In's Progress of's the fucking


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Please-ing's! Do's not make of's the's confusion'als!

I's make say Mario Mendoza of's the's baseball-ing! Not Mario Mendoza of's the Pozzetto-ing!

And's! If's you's make the look, behind you's make the see's!



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You's make see's bomb?


02.13.19: New Zealand/Illawarra ^191 (-110) =================== In's Progress of's the fucking


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Now's we's has make the's #7 in's the consecutive-ing! Do's you's has tall desire for's make the's #8?

T-minus 9 minute and 11 seconds. Wow's-ing!

02.20.19: Manchester City/Schalke ^2.5 (-135) ================== In's Progress of's the fucking


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"If sex-o-maniac AutoDonk make tall shit in's forest, do's the bear make do's the hearing about it?"

Yes's! Of's the natural's! In factual, bear make see/hear/do sniffy sniffy on's dat shit and's make do's the roar exclaim:

"Lifetime supplying's of's the fertilizer! Tall thank you's, Mr. AutoDonk!"

Conclusion-ary's? AutoDonk make shit in's territory of's the bears and's the bears do's the thank you-ing. AutoDonk make
show bear who's make the boss-ing up on's in's dis bitch! Understood-ification? Goods!


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They's make 3 goal-ing's in's first half. Do you's like victory's?

But! Maybe's you's make ask the BonarRises: "What is the's secret-ing?"

For's this match I's make only provide answering-ing in's the's theory of's the leveraging: "2/19,2/20 Berzerker Relational Theory"

Is reason for's easy victory. Is a mathematical's! But! I's not make teach you's. I's make simply make provide-ing's for's you's the fish. I's make do's the fishing. Understood-ifications?

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You's make enjoy the's fish!



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Now's we's has #8 in's the's consecutive-ing's!

Do's you's has tall desire for's #9 in's the's consecutive-ing's?

02.20.19: Askren > Lawler (-255) =========================== In's Progress of's the fucking


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You's make see's bomb? Then's, you's make see's face?

Jarlitta have make the's busy! But! I's make telephone dial call for's her in's the later. For's the immediates, I's only make answer-ing for's Michelle Lewin. Even's the pig make wanting's on's that ass of finery!



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Insult-ing's! Insult-ifications! Many's make send mail of hate-ing's for's the BonarRises. And! You's have the's believe-ery? They's make insult dog on's my skill of's dance!

How's tall fuck dare's on's you's!

Go's! Try make's do's outdance my maneuver's at 0:21.

You's tall fuck insult dog-ing's!