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I always scroll down page 1 of this topic so I can hit the arrow to get to the last page and then I see Peep's post and I'm all like
Just press the date link on the right and it'll take you to the last post regardless if there is or isn't any new posts.

"oh, that guy - that guy's dead."
Maxi that guy said we were a gay social media site and that we wouldn't last.

Always makes me lolpanda.



Leave everything to me!
The CTVnews website has a daily poll and today the question is:

Should we have two new stat holidays? The options are Yes and No

Since the are no options for Of Course You Idiotic Dildos and Do You Like Fun?

I voted Yes.

No is currently leading the voting.



Leave everything to me!
No, it's people trying to be political. People getting carried away with their little opinions.

It has to do with the reason for the holidays. The basic idea is to create a stat holiday to recognize indigenous people. So that leads to the "debate" about what that means. Is it a celebration of culture? Is it a sombre reflection on all the terrible crap that has happened?

And then that leads some people to say, okay, two stat holidays then.

Personally I feel that is rather stupid thinking but that is beside the point. You wanna give me two more paid off-days? Of course I want that.

It's not like I actually care about the reason for any of the stat holidays. I don't give a shit about Christmas. New Years Day has no significance to me. I don't spend my Family Day thinking about my family.

I just love a long weekend. Girls just wanna have fun.


Leave everything to me!
Blow me, Rudy.

The good news is, it seems in the bag we will get one new stat holiday anyway. If a bunch of political hand-wringing leads to us getting 2, that is just gravy.


Leave everything to me!
Adding: enough already with the weather predictions by groundhogs. If you are going to give me a paid day off work for Groundhog Day, fine, keep it. Try to keep the tormenting of rodents to a minimum but whatever. But otherwise FUCK OFF!


Leave everything to me!
In fact today's poll question on the CTVnews site is:

Do you believe in the weather predicting powers of groundhogs?

Trying to be cute/funny today, they are.

Again, the options are yes and no so I will not dignify it with a response. Unfortunately there is no option recommending the pollsters all go honk on Bobo.


Leave everything to me!
I had a dream last night where I was trying very hard to get to the barber for a haircut. It was not easy for some reason and there was some stress involved.

Anyway, I finally got into the barber's chair - and my hair was perfect. There was nothing to be done.