Random thoughts


Toe Toucher
Threw mine out without checking. I'd been walking with it for a good 10 mins, promising myself to bring it all the way home so I could roll up the rim. I'm not smart.


Leave everything to me!
Today's poll question is interesting.

Should people be able to sue their parents for giving birth to them?



Leave everything to me!
Every time there is significant winter weather that adversely affects driving, people love to complain about other drivers and they use the exact same wording:

"Everyone forgets how to drive."

It's about 50/50 if they mean people drive too fast or too slow.


Leave everything to me!
Here's what not to do. If you get a smoothie from Booster Juice - and they fill it right to the top as they always do - then put a lid on it - DO NOT start by blowing into the straw as if to make bubbles.

Unless you wish to wear your smoothie.