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Never recycled. Why don't these assholes stop making so much useless crap and advertising it? Like the stupid Whole Foods putting 2oz of crab salad in a pound plastic container and selling it for 5.99. But they decided you shouldn't get a straw with your drink. Recycling is just enabling the corporate monsters 👹
These guys just want to rip the people off on both ends :fuckyou:


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Peanut butter has a prime spot in my chowing rotation these days. On a standard 5 day work week, these are my breakfasts:

muffin + donut
peanut butter toast (3 slices)
Toaster Strudel (3)
muffin + donut
peanut butter toast (3 slices)

I used to have breakfast cereal in that mix, but I have lost interest in breakfast cereal lately.

I usually get smooth peanut butter but last time I re-upped, I went with the chunky. I am enjoying it.

May god have mercy on my soul.


Leave everything to me!
I have developed a crush on a chick at work. She's short - which I like - and wears glasses - which I have a thing for. She's very cute.

Physically, she is the other end of the spectrum from Jenny. Jenny is blonde and petite and slight. Chicky-poo at work is South American (originally from Uruguay) with dark hair and curves all over the place.

She intrigues me very much.

She is age-appropriate I think. She recently turned 50. She doesn't look it at all though.

I have been getting to know her better. She's very nice.

I don't know what I want to do about it though. There are factors. Many factors.



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Yeah that is pretty fokked up.

If you didn’t do a great job running this forum I would be mad. But it’s hard to get mad at you.

We can just start another one.

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I always scroll down page 1 of this topic so I can hit the arrow to get to the last page and then I see Peep's post and I'm all like

"oh, that guy - that guy's dead."