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Leave everything to me!
One of the apartments in the building across the streets still has their Christmas lights up. Am I wrong to feel that they should fuck off?
Every time there is significant winter weather that adversely affects driving, people love to complain about other drivers and they use the exact same wording:

"Everyone forgets how to drive."

It's about 50/50 if they mean people drive too fast or too slow.
Every city I've been to:

Their traffic is the worst
Their politicians are the most corrupt
Their weather is the craziest


Leave everything to me!
I still get this stupid thing though. I've had it since I was a kid. I guess it will never go away.

I attach feelings to inanimate objects.

Most recent example: I got a new winter coat which meant chucking the old one. But as the old one is sitting there in a heap against the wall - waiting for its trip to the dumpster - and then there is the actual taking of it to the dumpster - I feel so bad for it.

Like, it has put in 20 (?) years of good service for me - it probably doesn't understand why this is happening.

I had the same thing recently when I got a new Keurig coffee maker. I felt so bad chucking the old basket-filter unit. There was nothing wrong with it. It had always done everything I asked of it. Why is Steve doing this?

I do it. I chuck the stuff. Some people here may remember my Grand Chucking of Whatever-year-that-was. The intellect wins out and I chuck stuff mercilessly.

But I could do without these stupid bad feelings.


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So Tekashi69 is going to be pardoned and put into witness protection.

Where in the actual fuck are they going to hide a dude who has a giant 69 tattooed on his face?

Only place I can think is if he's some Hollywood producers bitch whose hidden away...

Goog luck with that 69. You gonna need it


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I guess this is what happens when you get older. Suddenly there are people's kids all over the place.

I watch a movie earlier and it's got the kid of Tim Robbins and Susan Sarandon. Turns out another actor in it is Pamela Adlon's daughter.

Just now I'm watching a hockey game and it's got the kids of Tie Domi, Michael Nylander, Sami Kapanen and former Tigers Pitcher Dan Petry.

I don't think I like it. People's kids growing up 'n shit.



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I got a new winter coat. There's quite a bit of velcro involved.

I guess that's the way things go these days. It wasn't that way when I was a kid but now? Velcro has a big place in the fastening of things in our society.

I have no objection. A good invention is a good invention - and velcro definitely qualifies. But I have to say: the velcro on this new coat: it's too tenacious. Velcro is best when it's not totally tenacious.

The velcro on my coat needs to chill out a little.


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Well lemme see . . .

It's a Dakota workwear heavy coat. It would probably be classified as a parka, I guess?


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I just tried a number puzzle called Killer Sudoku. It's like Sudoku - but with a twist.

I got it done but - it's killer.


Leave everything to me!
I surprise myself sometimes with what works for me porn-wise. I won't go into detail because I don't think anyone wants to think too much about the porn habits of the elderly - but sometimes, in the aftermath, I look back and it's like, really? That?