Random thoughts


Leave everything to me!
I don't get colds often but when I do, they're weird.

I don't get all the stuff at once like other people describe. I kinda move at a glacial pace through half-symptoms one at a time. First I get stuffed up for a week. Not totally stuffed up, but somewhat stuffed up. Enough to be annoying at night but I almost forget about it during the day. Then I move on to a somewhat sore throat the following week. Again, much more conspicuous at night. When that is done, then and only then, will I start to cough. That will linger for awhile.

It's stupid.

max headroom

The online dating scene.

One (summary) - you're really intelligent and I like it, what kind of beer do you drink? let's talk on the phone - I precsreen all my dates to avoid a bait and switch. Me: Sure. Her at like 3 in the morning: How's it going? I'm going to the casino, might work out. Let's talk on the phone sometime. Me: sure.

And so that's the cycle that repeats itself with that one.

Another one:

Hey hows it going, I went sledding with my kids and drank beer. Me: what kind of beer. Her: Coors light.

I forget about her and disappear.

Her a few days later: I guess Coors light isn't good enough for you. Me: Sorry, got busy, what are you up to. Her: relaxing, how about you. Me: Going to go be the best poker player in the world. Her: Win enough to retire (I thought that was excellent btw). As soon as I walk in the door - her: How'd you do. Me: Lost but had fun.

And she disappears.

Fuck Coors light, I'm trying to drink beer - not tap water.