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  • I do have yahoo messenger...will you give me your ID so I can add you? I tried to change my settings but without any luck.
    Blitty -
    Good morning. Do you have Photoshop on your computer? If I were you, I would use the watermark feature on there and watermark the photographs, many of them are really good and you want to make sure to be the owner of them. Think about how many people enjoy your thread on here. I would not be surprised if you could publish those pictures somewhere. Have you ever thought about that? sbr settings are confusing. :)
    have a great day!
    Emmi come I cannot message you? Do we have to be "friends" first? I have to say something to you in private (no I am not a man and no this is not going to be dirty), how can I message you on here so you only read it?
    I like the pictures you post. Did you take them? ...I am not referring to the pics on here but in your thread.
    and its really her, I googled the sign up email and all the sites that come up are of female that fit her profile
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