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Solid vid...

So you invested in a bunch of stocks whose valuation to earnings ratio was 20x over inflated...

Learn from next time Tron man...welcome to shorters season (generation) sir...
God damnit...

RJ can u take that vid down please... Wrong one. Post l8r
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So Balsonaros brazil is already drawing up plans for the US, Russia, India and Japan to form a post globalist pact, in order to protect each countries respective religious sovereignty...

Welcome to 2019 ppl... 😎
btw, Fidel is a revolutionary hero. Don't be comparing him to some meaningless twat. ...you wanker :cuba:
nah, read up on real revolutionary heros, Ernesto Guevara, Camilo Cienfuegos, Hugo Spadafora, Eden Pastora, Rafael Sebastian Guillen Vicente, Stepan Andriyovych Bandera

Rafael Guillen Vicente is someone you'll like I believe, he is still alive and has written extensively

Fidel is a traitor, fok traitors like him that turned on the ideals of the revolution and betrayed the people, see Daniel Ortega and Aung San Suu Kyi for two recent examples

reno cool

leave well enough alone
yeah, buttwipes of Empire and Nazi collaborators can never be heroes to me.

I know the imperialist scum love to diminish anybody who has actually succeeded. They like their revolutionaries nice and dead, then perhaps they can give him credit, like Che or Chief Sitting Bull etc


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RJ, can u make a game live sheriff's badge and award it to Tron?

Guy has done more than enough to ensure that house here is kept tidy...

Hope the same can be said for the condition of his room 😉


never had an intact pistachio club
Wtf? I literally take zero selfies, but I know you can use the volume button.


PERFECT random thought

When the population is not varied, then the random samples will look a lot more similar.

I just discovered you can take a selfie with the volume down button
FFS. Here I was thinking what kind of idiocy is in pressing the screen button while making sure you don't drop the phone. Find more stuff and share. Just to make sure, it works for both cameras.