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Leave everything to me!
I need a Muddy-Jenny update. I will bring the popcorn.

After a thawing out period - we didn't see each other and talked only a bit - 3 months?? - we had a face-to-face a couple weeks ago. She said she wants to do whatever she can (to salvage the relationship). I said if I'm honest, I don't think it will work out. We haven't even spoken on the phone since then. She's waiting for me to call, I know that. But I haven't felt like it so far.

I don 't want to get into all the intimate detail.


Leave everything to me!
Being smothered to death with a pillow - I think it would be uncomfortable.

I'm sure there are worse ways to die but your body has been breathing for your whole life - and it expects to keep breathing and suddenly - nope.



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