Random thoughts

I have a temporary crown on one of my molars right now and it is loose. It will sit in place to some extent but certain things make it come unseated.

I wonder if I will swallow it.
Resemble means "to look like".

You do not "resemble" that remark. You resent it.


Edit - I've just been made aware that the "resemble" line originates from the Three Stooges.

Disregard the above and carry on.

No but the doctor has me doing a colon cancer home screening thing - there's a little kit - and you smear your poop here and there and then mail it to a testing lab. Postage is in fact prepaid by the federal government.

Just for the hell of it, I'm going to include a little note that says

Okay. I have done my third sample and everything has gone into the proper foil envelope - and then into the big envelope - along with the doctor's requisition. My poop is ready to mail.

There are no mailboxes super-handy on my commute to work though. Well, not that I know of. Who is even aware of mailbox locations any more?

I know where one is. It's over there. I'll probably stick my poop in there tomorrow when things are more relaxed.

I'll keep my envelope of poop around the house for another day.
I actually got pretty good at gambling but I think I might decide to be a rockstar pretty soon.

It's weird, and I didn't just say that.

Blitty - I really didn't just say that.

Matty - I didn't just say that.

Rogie - I definitely didn't just say that.

I didn't say that. You didn't say that. She didn't say that.

She definitely did NOT just say that.