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Jan 27, 2010
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Agree Muddy, Davis Cup lost me a long time ago! I have no idea when they play anymore!

I guess that's the big thing with the new format. The whole damn thing happens in one place in, like, a week (or two?). With the old format, it was all spaced out. You would sometimes have matches happening for the next year before the current year had been settled.

Now on the minus side, one of our guys (Shapovalov), on the march to the final, had to play 8 matches in 6 days. Seems a bit much.

I think it used to travel all around too so each match was in the country of one of the teams. With this new format, the whole thing is one place. In this case, Spain.

Anyway, I can see pros and cons. I could see it getting more popular - maybe more like the Ryder Cup.

Or maybe not. I dunno.