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Jan 27, 2010
Sometimes I have random thoughts about sports and there is no obvious place to put them. I mean actual sports. So that's what's going on here.

My random SPORTS thought of the moment:

Toronto Raptors head coach Dwayne Casey has been named the NBA Eastern Conference Coach of the Month for December.

I'm not joking.

Eastern Conference


Of the Month.

I'm not questioning his worthiness, more noting my surprise that it's an actual thing.

Human beings ---> they're very thorough.
I think the Warriors are better than people think and can win everything. I definitely seem them coming out of the West. Lee healthy and acquiring Iggy both HUGH
raptors been playing very good.
The Raptors have performed addition by subtraction. They had that Rudy Gay idiot and, while he was their leading scorer, his FG percentage was like 34%.

I am not a basketball expert by any means but I said a number of times, that is unacceptable. If you take the shots he is taking and spread them around between 3 guys who can hit 43% you are miles better off. People actually argued the point saying you need that one guy.

I was like, no, 43% of a number of shots is always going to be better than 35% of the same number of shots. The guy was sinking the team. He was like a black hole.

Now if they have one guy who steps up and takes all those shots and hits 46%, great.

But Rudy Gay was just ridiculous. Really good to get rid of him and his $19 million (??) salary IMO.

I wonder if there is an Eastern Conference GM of the Month Award.

And if not, why not?
yeah but the Warriors look FUCKING HUGE AWESOME

and if you don't both admit it in this thread I will take both of your e-faces and smash them into e-eachother
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Gus Johnson should be drowned in mud, on air. He gets so excited over the most mundane shit.

Just calm the fuck down and call the game.
fuck i miss afl on friday and saturday nights
well the raptors have been playing pretty well, even if i'm not a pro it's still obvious, so maybe there should be such an award if there isnt one already :D
NickJ, glad to see join in the action! If you're a LA fan, is it the Lakers or Clippers for you?
My confidence in my nfl plays grows with game.

Colts...is my first play...which i believe is a loser but I am playing anyway...then
yeah but the Warriors look FUCKING HUGE AWESOME

and if you don't both admit it in this thread I will take both of your e-faces and smash them into e-eachother

There are a few thoughts I have on the long-term viability of outside shooting as a plan for playoff success - and my soldness on Andrew Bogut as a major piece is also, shall we say, tenuous - however for the sake of avoiding further bloodshed ---> mkay, I admit it.
Agreed on the splash brothers possibly not holding up because the second you are counting on Iggy to hit a big shot you're in trouble, agree Bogut is shitty.

There shall be no e-facesmashing. I have it as 1) Indiana 2) Golden State 3) Miami and everyone else.
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Can you imagine if they took the Eastern Conference Coach of the Month (Casey) and the Western Conference Coach of the Month (which I'm sure everyone knows is Jeff Hornacek) ---> and they pitted them against each other and had an NBA Coach of the Month?

Man that would be some shit.

Like obviously don't take away the individual conference awards - that shit is too important - but ALSO have an overall winner? Every month?

Some shit right there.
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That is far too profound a concept for the NBA and you are out line for even thinking that.
One thing that jumped out at me this week was a guy on the radio - not just some random idiot phoning in but an actual guest who had been booked to analyze this weekend's NFL playoff games - and he was trying to emphasize the amazingness of things, and he said we may be in the amazing position of having a weekend of playoffs where all 8 QB's are future Hall of Famers. And he thought that was amazing.

Like, oh the amazing time we live in.

He had Russell Wilson, Colin Kaepernick, Cam Newton and Andrew Luck as probable HOFers already.

Now he did catch himself and make the follow-up comment that, okay, he understands that Phillip Rivers still has work to do.

Phillip Rivers is the guy that needs a disclaimer on that list.

Here's what is really amazing: the amount of sports talk that could be replaced by the sound of a leaf blower, and the world would lose nothing.
Hai guise!

You really can accomplish quite a lot while following a football game. During the first half of sf/CAR, I made my sammiches for lunches for the week. I did 3 units of monthly cleaning (music corner, sitting area, entertainment unit and far side bookshelf). I also programmed my DVR and made a post or two at gamelive.

Don't think I missed a play. Lot of empty space in football games.