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Leave everything to me!
So I was driving home from work and the sports radio stations offered two options.

Leafs first pre-season game.

Jays game as they ride out the last couple weeks versus a 100-loss Baltimore Orioles team.


I went with the Jays game.

I feel like I learned something about myself today.


Leave everything to me!
The Houston Astros are my pick to win the World Series BTW.

It's my Super Uber Mega Pick of the Millenium. Everyone needs to tail me as I am +447 units for my last 161 picks.

Well no but Houston. I like Houston.


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Per Fangraphs. The Astros have 33.8% chance of winning the WS.

The team with the next highest chance of winning it all (Yankees) are at 15.6%.

Don’t hurt yourself out there on that huge limb.

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I know. One of our hockey players, a girl, was passing around this shit during tournament. I took a drink, it's actually fairly strong for such a fruity looking thing. 30%