random SPORTS thoughts

I am ready for football. I can only rewatch the national championship game sooo many times.

Although I did love it and it makes me smile at the end. I love shows with happy endings.


Toppus Doggus
I enjoy the golf majors and the U.S. Open is starting tomorrow. Only problem is, Sunday is the main thing and I work Sundays.

But I should be home in time for the last hour or so. So hopefully something happens then.

I have that hour ---> then I have nothing to live for.


Toppus Doggus
There is some controversy surrounding this CFL player's actions towards a "streaker."

I don't know what the issue is. Maybe people think he should have hit him harder and then come down on him with his full weight and then walked on his face?



Toppus Doggus
In the 8 games prior to last night, Mike Trout had made 7 outs. Last night, he was 0 for 2 with 3 walks so he has now made 9 outs in his last 9 games.

Some guise have started intentionally walking him in all kinds of situations including with the bases empty. Then when guise pitch to him, he hits it all the fuck over the place.

Mike Trout - he's good at baseball.
WTF, Demarcus Cousins just signed with the Warriors! I think he won't be healthy when the season starts but having him by the playoffs makes the team better if possible! A punk in my books so only more reason to see them lose if possible! :facepalm:

I know the NBA is as popular as ever but IMO other than a few playoff matchups it sucks! Don't really watch a full game until the playoffs! Players just say where they want to go and some markets have no shot at being highly competitive!

Now you know why he goes by the nickname "Shady"! With England playing in WC today and tennis going on over there, I'm thinking in legal terms of guilty until proven innocent! :yes: