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Handmaid's Tale S02E01

I told my 4yo son not to watch the "scary grown-up show" with me but he was oddly fascinated by it.

After the mock hanging scene, he turned to me with wide eyes:

-Oh my goodness.


Dark fokkin' show. 8.4 traumatized preschoolers out of 10.


Toppus Doggus
I watched the movie Game Night. It had some laughs. Quite a few. Sure, there are some bellyflops too, and the story is ridiculous - but it's rare these days for a movie to draw so many laughs out of my curmudgeonly soul. 7.1 out of 10.


reno cool

leave well enough alone
Anybody watch Cobra Kai? They showing 2 episodes for free. Yeah, not bad, for people familiar with the original Karate Kid. ...which I figure is everybody of a certain age. (Just gotta mute that Poison song in the 1st two minutes)
My high school sweetheart went to see them a bit back and put on her facebook that she had a great time with the ladies.

Probably going to be a bunch of packs of 30-40 yr old women there.

I think you should go in a toga and bring a keg of Boone's Farm Strawberry Hill to tailgate with.
Used this on an Asian lady that was a 100% ten yesterday.

She didn't have time for that shit but she did giggle, it was pretty cool actually but yeah - no chance, lol.

Everything this guy puts out is hilarious.
Borg Vs McEnroe (2017) - Interesting. Eye-opening in terms of the sort of person Borg was before he came onto my radar. The actual tennis scenes are pretty bad, and I don't know how interested I would have been had I not lived through it, but I did - tennis was huge back then - and I couldn't remember specifically how the match they focused on ended - so it was completely absorbing. 7.1 out of 10

Anyone who enjoys a good mindfuck is hereby invited to watch S03E02 of Black Mirror called Playtest. I'm still messed up 24 hours later.

BTW Black Mirror does not need to be watched in order. There is some continuity/intertextuality but mostly in the form of Easter eggs.
So I feel like My Jenny and I should have shows that we watch. When we are together we frankly spend a lot of time in bed, but there are breaks for dinner/TV and we usually end up watching Big Bang Theory reruns (seems like they are always on somewhere) or else I usually keep an old episode or 2 of The Graham Norton Show on PVR.

So that's what we watch.

That's acceptable but I feel like we should have new shows to explore and discover together. We have slightly different taste but there is plenty of common ground. We did go through The Knick awhile back - which I had already seen - but that was okay, it was still pretty great - she liked it - but whatever, that is done.

So here's what I am going to throw on episode 1 of, probably today. We'll see how that goes.