Movies and TV

I tried the HBO show Barry. The premise seemed like it could go to some darkly humorous places - burned out hit man from Cleveland goes to L.A. and gets caught up in the theatre arts scene.

I like the half-hour comedy format. I like Bill Hader. I like Stephen Root. The girl is cute.

But I'm out after 2.5 episodes. It's just not funny.
If you're still talking about Ozark, fwiw I rated it 5.2 out of 10. It passed some time but I wouldn't call it good. It's just a long series of contrived plot points that get increasingly eye-rollable as it goes along.

I believe they are doing a season 2 but I won't bother with it.
My old lady forced me to watch a show for the first time, since all her friends were raving about it.

We power watched 36 hours of-- This Is Us.

I consider that a 5.2 show.
So I've been watching Rellik - which is a 6 part BBC mini-series. Here's the problem (well, one of a few problems.)

They are doing it in the format of the movie Memento. It starts with a climactic ending then goes back in time incrementally. (Rellik is killer spelled backwards. Get it?)

The thing about Memento though was it's a movie. So all the stuff you view is fairly easy to relate to the big picture - because everything that has happened you have seen in the last 2 hours.

But Rellik is a 6 part mini-series. So we are faced with trying to relate what we just saw to stuff we saw 4 weeks ago (and 3 weeks ago and 2 weeks yada yada.) I'm not terrible at retaining stuff but I'm just saying, it's a bit much.