More thoughts on jobs and working

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I've been authorized by the Mrs. Boner to quit (again). Prob pulling trigger at the end of the month. They did hire someone to back me up after i made a scene about how shitty they are last fall. So it's likely they'll see that as the off ramp for the ever increasing cost ($ and headache) for Boner.

Blitttttaaayyyyyyy we're back on for schemes!!
Did you quit?
Quit. They asked what it would take to stay. They matched my go forward number (about 65% raise) and accepted my ask to never go into the office again. They said nothing of the cash bonus (low-mid 5 figures) I demanded to make up for my butthurt over the years. Mostly underpayment but also foisting responsibilities on me that I don't want. After two days of thinking on it they decided to pay my cash ask in full.

So once again I find myself getting paid a lot to do a job I don't really like. I'm a dirty money loving hooker.
I have to add that a lot of people cashed in political capital to get me what I asked for, so i can't really pull this BS again without making these (good) people look bad. Essentially I have to shut my mouth and take it for probably another 18 months before I can think about bouncing. I really didn't quit to make more money and I didn't think anyone would meet the number I put on my time/self respect. I hope I valued my sanity accurately.