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Sometimes people thank me for things at work. Specifically I get members of the Safety Committee who see me doing something properly - which many people don't - so they thank me.

It's not just the head Safety guy who is a legit authority. They recently expanded the safety committee - and basically brought on a bunch of safety narcs - who are expected to keep an eye on us riff-raff. They are simply peers. They are not bosses or anything. They are just other shlubs who, for whatever reason, signed on to be safety narcs.


Anyway today I had one of them say to me, "Thank you for unharnessing for your cross-aisle pick."

The fuck dude. You think I did it for you?


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There is a guy who often sits with me at lunch who uses a spoon for a knife. Literally. Like he might have a couple of pork chops and he goes at them with a spoon and fork. He cuts with the edge of the spoon.

Someone asked him about it once and he explained his reasoning and he seemed pretty proud of himself. Like he feels he has innovated something.

I have watched him a bit and I'll just say this: it does not make me want to dabble with using spoons for knives.


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OTTAWA – The federal government is planning to announce a new statutory holiday to mark Canada’s "tragic and painful" residential school legacy.

The government is consulting with Indigenous groups ahead of moving forward with declaring an annual day to acknowledge what has been declared a time of cultural genocide in Canada.

Not a particularly cheery justification. I hear June 21st is the day being considered - which is, like, very close to Canada Day.

But fuck it all anyway! Let's do this!


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I just paid an Egyptian girl US$10 to lay out a circuit board for me. Felt exploitative so I tipped her $5. #lol #fiverr


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Lol that ain't shit estimates of 6k dead. South the border we just killed them outright. And instead of a day we gave them a head start on nationwide casino gambling.. but that allowance is basically over.


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As my work shift is Sunday-to-Thursday, today is the end of my work week. Those of us on that shift will often say "Happy Friday" to each other thru the day.

But then sometimes the regular folk will overhear that and it will make them happy for about a second and a half - really? it's Friday? I was thinking it was . . . oh. That's when they realize what's going on. Then they are bummed.

We Sun-Thurs folk are shits.


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There is a yearly award called Top Dog which is about a combination of production and accuracy

. . . I in fact am on track for Top Dog at the moment

That was May and fast forward to the present: I did achieve that. The award period ended on October 1 and I made it. I made Top Dog.

You are in the presence of a Top Dog.

I thought you should know.