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On a quasi-related note, as I follow a stream-of-consciousness, this is me at my ex-house with my ex's granddaughter. That little girl's name was Christina.

I use past tense because now the name is Gabe. The artist formerly known as Christina is a fella now.


reno cool

leave well enough alone
I was thinking at what age did the kid decide to change genders. I mean, letting them eat cookies before dinner is one thing, but this may be going a little too far.
I had no reaction. Like zero. That was not a calculated thing of what I thought my reaction should be. It just honestly made no difference to me and I kept gabbing about what we were gabbing about.
Doesnt recounting your nonchalance here cancel out said nonchalance?

Guys did you see how little I cared? I didnt care!

Does pointing this out make me a homophobe? I think by my own logic it might.


Toppus Doggus
I lived with Maureen in that house from about 1992-1998. I'd guess that pic was 1995.

That, by the way, was the same location - and pretty close to the same time - as the previously mentioned 40th anniversary party of my parents. They have now been married 62 years. Maybe 63???

I was about 32 in that pic and I guess a couple years younger when my common-law step-granddaughter came along. Maureen was - and is - 11 years older than me.

I can't remember exactly when I started hearing the name Gabe. It's been a few years. He would be about 25 now so I'll guess the switcheroo became official at age 21?
Boner, be careful.

If you ruffle Mudcats feathers he may banish you to the depths of an IGNORE bigger than any IGNORE you’ve ever imagined. And it will eat away at your insides eternally.

Then you’ll wonder.........why did I get snarky with Darth Mudcat??


Toppus Doggus
My company is having a little contest right now. Employees are invited to predict when we will top $5 billion in sales for 2018. Right down to the second.

Winner gets a thousand bucks. Winner at each branch where the grand prize winner ain't gets a hundred.

Costs nothing. Just put in your entry.

Good idea for a contest IMO.
Your company tracks sales in real time. That's impressive. Or is it some type of batch processing? Then the IT guys may have an advantage of better information along with the finance/sales guys. The good thing is the award is just $1000. What if you don't reach $5 billion? How are you trying to predict?


Toppus Doggus
I have no idea how they are tracking it.

We will reach 5 billion. We will. (Which translates to $5K in profit-sharing - Woo Hoo!)

I applied a very casual level of science to my entry. I took the YTD sales from the most recent day I could find. I looked at the previous couple weeks - which were squarely in the busy season which we will remain in until almost Xmas. I did a rough extrapolation in my head. 5-ish weeks from that day.

I randomly picked a day around there. Randomly picked an hour, minute, second. I don't even know exactly what I've got. Sometime the morning of November 27th.

Go that!

There will probably be 6000+ entries. I just look at it as putting my name in a hat.

Still though, I like it as an idea.
Seriously considering collecting my bonus (paid sometime in Jan) and then having an Office Space type year, see what I can get away with before they fire me. Nothing offensive or raunchy or anything, just totally flaking out.

Fact of the matter is, I made 75-80% of what I'm making now as a temp/contractor and I was essentially my own boss - picking and choosing my spots. My freedom is worth that 25% extra.
Boner, is $97,000 (gross) a year enough to retire on? The $97K will be paid out as a monthly defined benefit. And let’s say about $150,000-$200,000 in a Roth IRA/457 deferred.

It will cost me roughly $1,000 a month from age 54-65 for health insurance. I want to take two (4 night) trips to Vegas every year, one 3 nighter to New Orleans a year, and one big trip (8-10 nights) a year to different locations throughout the world until about age 75.

I’m not asking the question just to ask the question. I really don’t know.
I also have expensive hobbies like buying guitars, amps, stomp boxes and mountain biking. I want to buy a $4,000 mountain bike within the next 7 years (I purchased my current bike for $1,800 used just to give you a feel for how I blow money). I’m the opposite of a bean counter type. I also will have 19 years left on a mortgage but I will likely sell the house in 9 years and downsize.