Why the Pirates will be 2012 WS Champs!

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But they will have Cole from the start.

good point

i'm not convinced that he is going to be that great. I see him as a number 3 starter at best when all is said and done
Pirates shock the baseball world and acquire minor league pitcher Angel Sanchez off the waiver wire from the white sox
That just made me shit my pants. Or it was the tacos.
Pirates just got hosed. Replay available and umpires choose not to use it. What a joke.
Raise it!!!!!
Volquez and Worley bitches!!!

now an awesome reliever throwing bullets that started the year in independent ball named

holds cum
1.5 games back of Cards for 1st in the Central now

gotta believe
Good stuff Arches hope they take it down
Bucs are rolling now!
Like their cousins the Marlins!
season is not ending up in the most ideal fashion

going to try to bring some extra juju help to the black and gold
juju working

5 game win streak

clinched playoff spot last night

3rd consecutive season the clinch has fallen on a sept 23
Ridiculous division they are in. Cards now 40 games over.

I would express sympathy over that except my team is in the AL East - which was very ridiculous for a long, long time. At least the NL Central is tough based on good baseball and not just a spending race.
8 in a row bitch

NL central should set record for all time combined wins by top 3 in any division
Winner of the wildcard game gets the Cards. Well, or whoever ends up on top. Could be Pitt.

Could well be the top 2 teams in the NL, maybe all of baseball, in that NLDS.

Kind of a clusterfuck, I guess is what I'm saying.
1 team with one of the top 3 records in baseball gets eliminated after 1 game

another team with a top 3 record in all of baseball gets eliminated in the NLDS

and 1 team of the top 3 records in baseball will get a chance to participate in the NLCS to get a chance to participate in the world series
Pirates or Cards could win 100 games

and then lose to the Cubs in the one coin flippish WC and that's all folks
Archie, sorry to say going the Cubs in the one game playoff, but if Buccos win, I'm with you after that!