Why the Pirates will be 2012 WS Champs!

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I don't know whatcha heard about me
2024 here we go!
Skenes and Jones will own Octobers for years to come
If Oneil Cruz didn't suck at defense it would still be a perfect game
Reverse jinx!
I haven’t been this excited and pumped up in many years. I just hope they pull the right strings with this stud core of pitchers they hate. They also need a solid second baseman. I believe that will happen..

Hope you’re doing well !! @Archie

I’m doing my best to get down to see as many games as possible at PNC PARK..
There's no way the Pirates don't win 100 games this year. Too much defensive prowess and base running acumen.

Besides, have you ever seen a team so good at getting opponents to hit into inning ending double plays?

I have them winning 79 :wah:
Yeah. Our Daffy is incorrigible.