What are you listening to?


Leave everything to me!
This afternoon I listened to Rolling Stones - Their Satanic Majesties Request (1967). It's a very unusual album in Rock and Roll history.


max headroom

So, my women that I meet as friends, they look out for me and that has nothing to do with anything else.

The truth is that they know that I cannot stand to see them ever be sad for a second (unless of course it's a couple or something like that - then obviously it isn't any of my business whatsoever).

But, I consider them Angels, all of them. The ones that got me off JD all day. The ones that got me of chain smoking. The ones that got me to ween off and now quit drinking. The ones who calmed me down either by having a heart to heart or screaming at me and not giving me one word in edgewise when that's what was necessary.

I thank my Angels, always and no, I'm obviously no Mac as I get older and chubbier.

But this is arguably his best song, imo.

Mac -

You needed to NOT go, man.

As I've always said - God Bless your soul brother.

max headroom

Yeah man I translated that.

And yes we do all have an inner Mac, I agree.

Dude was SO good to to people that he vibed with man and never really a dick to anyone except for to anyone coming at him or his.

That's very cool about the Mi girl. Angeleyes, I really like that. I met to being f*cked around that I'll pray for sure. So good to me when I needed it and so bad when I needed that so, in a behaviorism kind of way.