What are you listening to?


Jan 27, 2010
I often listen to music while reading/posting.

Right now I am listening to this:

Was listening to Tom Waits' Real Gone while walking the dog this morning. Good shit.
You know who is extremely heterosexual? Those guys on the Rush cover.

In an interview, Hugh Syme - the artist who designed the "2112" cover- explained the "Starman" as follows:"Initially, that logo didn't begin as an identity factor for the band,it just got adopted.
We didn't consider it a mascot overall icon of representation for the band at the time.

What I did do with that particular cover was read their lyrics, andunderstand that there is a good force and a bad force: the good forcewas music, creativity, and freedom of expression - and the bad forcewas anything that was contrary to that.

The man is the hero of the story. That he is nude is just a classic tradition ... the pureness of his person and creativity without the trappings of other elements such as clothing.

The red star is the evilred star of the Federation, which was one of Neil's symbols.

We basically based that cover around the red star and that hero."

Q: How do you feel about Hemispheres?
A: Not as well as I feel about most of them. The band told me, "Go ahead, we'll see it when we get back," because they were In Wales for the whole album and all my conversations with them were over the telephone. They didn't see it until it got out. Technically, it's an abomination.
Once again, it's an effort in the progressive area of punning. They talk about Apollo and Dionysius in the lyrics, so I figured that Apollo would be the severe, Magritte business man, and that Dionysius would, again, be the reinstitution of a figure.
I don't belong to any continent :(
At this very second?

Ministry - Land of Rape and Honey

oh no you didn't.

Matty, you're off the team.
I blame whoever started the Bret Michaels thread. Nostalgia is a strong force.

Solid tune.