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Just watched the 2016 RUSH documentary.

Ode to plommer.

How come they never played at any big Leafs or other NHL games?

Seems like a good fit.
A rock concert at an NHL game? Blitty certainly you jest - a RUSH show is typically 3 hours in duration.

I saw almost every RUSH concert they ever played at Maple Leaf Gardens in the 1980's. Saw them a few times at the Air Canada Centre and Ontario Place at the CNE and once in Ottawa with my brother. I'm so grateful I got to grow up in Toronto and all my years there from my birth in 1966 to 2013 when I left for Windsor. Toronto will always be my most favourite place in the world.

I just watched "Rush: Time Stand Still" for the first time today. Brought a tear to my eye more than a few times watching it.

If you liked Time Stand Still then I would recommend this one as well:

Oh and Matty, this is how I remember Toronto best, long before the condos sprung up everywhere.


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That one is for the females that have been so nice to me over the years and actually about my thought process to start the day. I'm just like Mac - I picture the pain - yes which includes actually living in shelters for a time there, with people threatening to kill eachother at night, and there I was wondering if if I would be stuck there forever, and would die that way. And I cry about that time and all of those thoughts - and I look at the sky.

A beautiful woman laughs at one of my silly jokes or acts and the fact that I did that to make her have a better day or even just a better second instantly makes me happy. They are Angels and they protect me from ever doing the wrong things again, and I really appreciate that.

There is nothing better for a man than a quick come up, and that's what this needs to be - in every facet.

Let's get it today crew.


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And actually make that any woman gives me that laugh, they're all beautiful if their intentions are good. It makes me feel charming, that's all. Confidence is everything in this industry.

You know you're not on point for sales yet when you can't edit a Gamelive post within the 5 minute window.


Been through a lot lately crew. A LOT - and I am just so tired man.


Alright, I'll give it a rest.



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Oh and Matty, this is how I remember Toronto best, long before the condos sprung up everywhere.
Crazy. Kept waiting for the camera to move away from the Skydome to see what my hood looked like, but there was literally nothing there.

Many of my (white) guitar-stuff customers who come in from out of town are bewildered and mildly pissed off when they step into the condo building. (My building is at least 50% Asian, or to quote one customer: "you're the only white guy here." :biglaugh:)