Thigh gap


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Thigh gap is an expression I don't recall hearing until recent times.

It's a good term. It accurately describes a wondrous thing without being too vulgar about it. They could probably go ahead and say thigh gap on The View no problem. It's legit. Thigh gap.

The only term I recall using for that specific characteristic was back in high school, we might have said box or spread. Then I went for many years being very aware of the thing but not calling it anything.

But now ---> thigh gap. Good.

There is controversy about thigh gap because of body image issues and eating disorders. i.e. - many would say a large thigh gap is not something a healthy female should aspire to. I get that. I want people to be healthy.

Let the record show that my position is not thigh-gap-at-all-cost.

I'm just saying: thigh gap.



Generally Specific
We sometimes call that 'Shine'; Sorta if you can see the light shining through, it's a good thing.

"Look at the Shine on her."


Leave everything to me!
Muddy's really crushing it with the nudes lately.

Leader for Sept 2015 potm.

Who me? I doubt it lasts.

In answer to the question in the vid about how many ex's had thigh gaps: the guys hem and haw a lot - unsure - and I guess I would have to do that about some ex's - but I swear I remember the tg on a drunken one-night-stand from over 30 years ago.

Stuck with me. It is a testament to my fondness for the feature and, clearly, the wonder of nature that was this girl.

My Jenny in her prime ----> :pepe:


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legs need to be together and the gap that exists right below the butt/crotch