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I put baby carrots in JL's lunch just for show. Put a few drops of water in them once a week to rehydrate them. I know he's not touching them but the lunch supervisor lady is constantly telling kids what is and isn't acceptable to eat.

Lunch shaming is a thing in kindergarten.

max headroom

I need to eat more veggies - as in any that aren't processed.

Thanks for the reminder, crew.

Baby carrots are now on the list.

Eyes -

Yes, they are definitely helpful.



Leave everything to me!
Extreme gnat action in these parts these days. Swarms of buzzy pests all over the place.

That includes my balcony. My barbecue cover had gnats all over it and I took that off and soon the barbecue was covered with gnats.

So I started it up ~5 minutes ago - and now there are a shitload of dead gnats baked onto it. Didn't have the sense to fly away when their feet started getting hot.

I'm all like, dude.



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A very good sandwich indeed. But, Philadelphia has better. Roast pork and broccoli rabe on a sesame seed hoagie. Now that's a sandwich.


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I'm basically being bounced around like a ping pong ball by at least two states full of people. Not physically, but mentally. No actually physically and mentally.

I mean, I really thought I was good.

This is actually very good, but I have people whose lives I have to improve by doing my job so can I please just do that? I'm losing my FUCKING mind.

I'm not ACTUALLY a ping ball - ya know?


40 ping balls being being smacked around by people that all hate or love me - I literally don't know which is true.

Can we just be good to each other?

I meant what I said when I said I'd totally hook you up in every facet, I really did - and that was actually when I thought that you hated me.

Love to all.

MCID (I guess I probably shouldn't rip off my other favorite band's tagline - not cool - I'll think of something else whenever)


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