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Never heard of Ben Shelton until 15 minutes ago but I just happened to be in front of a TV showing the men’s US Open and this kid is exciting.
Us men's tennis has some dudes right now. Decent chance to get up for a major or two in the next 3 years.
LOL they lose to Germany and then to Canada. Good for you!
Don't know if anyone stayed up to watch but Colorado made some comeback to beat Colorado St. after being a big fav. Prime Time's son took them 98 yards in under 2 minutes with no TOs to tie game and force OT. The kid has his dad's crunch time brilliance. And his other son playing DB had interception TD return and forced fumble.

It's in the genes!
Missed it. Serie A just doesn't seem to have the quality of many talented players these days?
Sort of, it does have the feeling of a mid-tier league but it also allows new youngsters to come up

Screw them over priced old stars going to Arabia