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She's hotter than Ashley. I have looked up some images of Ashley and she is a nice looking young woman but not in a way that is going to make every American horndog stand up and take notice.

My projection was based solely on her smart humorous banter and ability to talk sports.

Probably naive on my part.


Leave everything to me!
Alright, my NCAA tourney bracket is in. Nothing to do but sit here and wait for the prize money to roll in.


Leave everything to me!

And it's not actually cash prizes anyway. I have seen the prizes - and it's nothing I want very much. Too good to chuck but I would probably just give them away.

Bragging rights would be about it really.

Go Duke?


Leave everything to me!
In an occurrence which some are describing as the greatest tennis victory ever by a Canadian:

Bianca Andreescu wins her first WTA title at BNP Paribas Open

INDIAN WELLS, Calif. — Canadian Bianca Andreescu has her first WTA title.

The unseeded 18-year-old from Mississauga, Ont., enjoyed an unprecedented run in the California desert where she became the first wildcard to win the prestigious event that is widely regarded as the biggest tennis tournament outside of the four Grand Slams.

Eugenie who?


Leave everything to me!
Still though, I don't consider it the greatest tennis victory ever by a Canadian. While I value singles more than doubles in principle, I still have to favor an Olympic Gold Medal and a bunch of majors titles by Daniel Nestor.

I probably would even place victories in the semi-finals of majors above it. Both Genie Bouchard and Milos Raonic have had those.

It's good though.

reno cool

leave well enough alone
oh good, I always liked the Bucks. :thinking better to get updates here than watching game. what's the name of their top playe?
Giannis Antetokounmpo, a big ol handsome negro from no country

Actually he was born in Greece but foreigners are not granted citizenship or allowed to own real estate there, so all his life he lived without papers, only when he was accepted to the NBA draft was when they made an exception and was granted citizenship



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The Greek Freak

In pro sports, when they call you a Freak it’s cause yo real real good.

They called Timmy Lincecum the freak, too.