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Leave everything to me!
The way things go with the Olympics in recent years, they'd probably want categories for males, females, mixed, pairs, foursomes and synchronized mega-teams.

That would be a start anyway.


Toe Toucher
This AAF stuff is concerning. The CFL is gonna lose its status as the place where borderline NFL careers go to die.
No, the owner moved the team from Charlotte in the early 2000s, they were the Charlotte Hornets, then renamed the New Orleans Hornets, then the hurricane came and they moved for a couple of seasons to Oklahoma City as the Oklahoma City Hornets, then Michael Jordan was given a franchise in Charlotte, the Charlotte Bobcats, then through a deal New Orleans renamed to the Pelicans and gave the Hornets name to Jordan's team back in Charlotte some 5 or so years ago


Leave everything to me!
I remember when New Orleans had the Jazz. But now of course it's the Utah Jazz.

It's like the song says:

Utah and Jazz
You can't have one without the other

reno cool

leave well enough alone
Oh, I remember the Charlotte hornets and Orlando Magic back when they were expansion teams. Shaq. Come to think of it, I don't believe I heard Orlando Magic recently, they went somewhere too?
yes, Jordan's team got the right to use the Hornets name again, the current Charlotte Hornets

Orlando Magics are still there, beat the Warriors at home on Friday


Leave everything to me!
A prediction.

Most of you have probably not heard the name Ashley Docking - but you will.

She's going to be BIG in the world of sports media. In a few short months she has gone from a few guest spots on Toronto evening radio to a permanent spot on morning drive. She is spectacularly good. She's got it all: smarts, humor, knowledge, freshness. I don't see any way this market can hold her. There will be big offers in her future from ESPN or whatever. I don't even know what for exactly but something.

I will bump this when it happens.