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It is a good-lookin' leaderboard. Apart from the obvious stuff, just a little ways down is a guy named Connors who is coming off his first PGA win and a lot of Canadians are hoping his hot streak continues.


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Big day in Toronto sports.

Got Leafs game 2, Raptors game 1.

Blue Jays play for what that's worth.

I hear Toronto FC is playing. I know some people care about that.

I am a million times more interested in the Masters with Corey Connors who is not from Toronto - he is from Listowel, ON - but close enough.


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We have a couple of sports radio stations here and I usually check them out during my commutes. Monday-to-Thursday are okay enough - you get your best drivetime personalities. It's fine.

But I also work Sunday. And I start extra early.

Man I get some crap on that early Sunday morning commute. Without making a laundry list of all the unlistenable shows that have come and gone over the last few years, today there was something new.

An e-sports show. I turn on the radio and it's dorky kids talking about playing video games.

It's an all-time low.

max headroom

Not thrilled at all that Sean Miller is in deep for paying Deandre Ayton and might not get to see the #1 recruiting class in the nation, that he made happen.

Look how much money these kids make the schools? What do you want, for them to starve? To have to get grind it out long hour jobs while in school and as a result be not as good at the sport, and make the universities less money? Etc

Pay them, man.



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On Thursday, over 200 women’s hockey players announced on social media and via the Associated Press that they are boycotting playing professionally in North America.

“We cannot make a sustainable living playing in the current state of the professional game. Having no health insurance and making as low as two thousand dollars a season means players can’t adequately train and prepare to play at the highest level.”

I kind of understand their position. I would like to get paid for stuff I do that no one else cares about too. But, you know, welcome to reality.

Least. Leverage. Ever.


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As much as I love in general basketball more than hockey, hard to watch some of the NBA playoffs over the NHL postseason! Yes, of course glued to what 76ers do, but not much else! No Flyers but still love watching playoff hockey more! And the bottom line for me, is those MFing complaining over-paid NBA players! I have had it with the constant disputing every single foul call! WTF, STFU! :thumbsdown:


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In the last couple years, I have become a big Brooks Koepka fan. The guy is fucking rock who apparently doesn't know what pressure is.

Just doesn't believe in it from what I've seen. Doesn't believe in pressure.
Looking good this week.


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There's football being played you know.

There is a CFL pre-season game happening RIGHT NOW.
ronaldo o fenomeno esque, brazilian rodrigo from real madrid u19 youth team