random SPORTS thoughts

I wonder how many people got buttfucked on the Cubbies yesterday?

Cubbies at home, Lester against Freeland the rookie, Rockies notoriously not that good on the road.

Looked like an easy bet.


Shit is rigged man.


The stanks are -182 (Bovada) today.

They ain't losing that shit which sucks for my Red Sox because they are going to lose to them.
I guess I'm too old and just like boxing more though this has become the main attraction in fighting! If I was guaranteed to view the above every match, I might tune in!
Miami Marlins released the new logo for their rebrand today. I know, who cares.

And Christian Yelich won the NL MVP. How many times in the history of MLB has a team traded MVPs in back to back off seasons?
Tronnay! JL and I will be gallivanting in Miami around Jan 10. What family friendly fun is there around that time of year?

You’re a smart man to not visit Miami May-December. It was in the 90’s here today and with the humidity it felt like 95. Fok that. It’s cooling off a little tommorow.

Hmmmm good question. I take my sons mountain biking (yes we have great trails here) Jan-April. Biking on Virginia Key in Miami is a ton of fun.

You can do some fun people watching on Lincoln Rd in South Beach. If you’re renting a car you can park for a very reasonable rate in the multi story 17th St parking garage. Lots of good restaurants/gelato places on Lincoln Rd.

Zoo Miami is quite good. You can rent 4 wheel bicycles (that hold 2-4 people) and leisurely pedal your way around to see Silverback gorillas, African/Asian elephants and even feed friendly giraffes. Zoo Miami is about as west Miami as you can get.

If it was the year 2020 you could take your son to see Inter Miami play their inaugural soccer season.

Islamorada and Key Largo are only about a 45 min drive from Miami. Islamorada is a fun place I go once a year so I can only imagine that someone who lives in Toronto would think it’s a bit of paradise. Two restaurants in Islamorada are outstanding: Morada Bay (at sunset) and Lazy Days have delicious fresh food with outstanding ambiance.

Have fun. I’m available to meet for some bourbons at an adult establishment for an hour or two should you have the time for that.


Thanks guys. It's going to be just me and the kid during the day as wifey is doing sciencey things at FIU Biscayne (North Beach area).

Looks like getting around by car is a bit of a mess? I'm seeing drive times of like 45 mins to cover 15 miles. I think I'll petition for a hotel closer to the airport.
I like to stay near Brickel area. It's away from the beach craziness (surprise - I hate the beach) and it's very accessable by train/metromover to the airport and close to many nice restaurants. A bit cheaper is "downtown" I believe. But IME that's a little further from restaurants/amenities. If you DO get a car and are in north beach take a drive up to Hollywood and take the boy to bet on the horses at Gulfstream Park! Fiver would be proud.