NHL 2017/18

reno cool

leave well enough alone
yep, Panarin, I knew it, he's the most fabulous Russian player in the NHL. Taking him a while to develop into a big name, looks like that time has come.


Toe Toucher
😝 good say mrm

I wonder if the hockey gods are going to intervene now. Great cinderella story, but you can’t possibly let them go too far, can you?
I am all for the Leafs in these playoffs and my top priority by far is them grabbing that critical game 4 at the ACC tomorrow night. No question.

I do have a #2 team though. The Winnipeg Jets.

I felt I had a responsibility to let the forum know.
Toronto sports have been going pretty well the last few days. Leafs win game 3 of their series vs Bruins. Raptors grab a 2-0 lead on the Wizards. Blue Jays sweep a 3-gamer.

So now it's back to the Leafs tonight. Need this one, Leafs. Can't be going down 3-1 with 2 of the last 3 in Boston. Gotta keep it going, Leafs.

I'm looking at you, Leafs.