My Brazilian music thread


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I am a songwriter and trying to learn Brazilian,Spanish,Portuguese,gypsy guitar but I am not anywhere near these guys though. LOL



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I am a newbie and I know this addition is the most obvious but how can any Brazilian music thread not have "girl from ipanema" . the video looks like a 60s fellini or french or american 50's early 60s film film . good version, good video

I am drunk and listenoing to loads of Brazilian music,

the quality of my posts decline as it reaches 3 am, this is not as good as astruds version, I don't think. going to sleep soon


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Rogue Juror. I just want you to know that this cracked out robot danced to this song at 4am Saturday night/Sunday morning rolling my head off while encircled in strands of tinsel hanging from the ceiling.

You introduced me to it. I'm so glad that you'll be around after the uprising.


my hips don't lie

great call

listen to

"washed out"

welcome again

keep up the great work