My Brazilian music thread

thanks monkey, something a little bit different forro from the northeast

"hey wanna go drink? nah i dont want. you don't want why? nah nothing. hey wanna go smoke? nah uh. why not? im not going, i don't want, I can't, my lady don't let me :dunno:"

huge hit this summer

funk music (pronounced funkeh) is proibidao music, forbidden, outlawed

as such there's no fancy music videos, there's no itunes, almost non of that commercial bullshit, just pure music of the people

but currently it is huge, specially among the cariocas and the youth

as such it needs to be represented here even if is with this amateur video
contrary to popular belive outside the country, samba is not the most popular genre in the country, sertanejo is by a big margin

biggest hit of 2011, hit in europe too

100% samba

hear the drums gregory, look how the negro move the hips, ha!, how can plommer compare these beautiful people with african americans

brazil,brazilians > every other country,everybody else

100% samba

brazil gregory one time i heard it being described as "natural informality"

hear the "woooo" instrument

chico buarque is a legend - o que sera? what is it?

the economy experts predict as the US declines, the south will rise, i probably won't see it but :)

the truth is though they are so ahead where it matters. what is that? lol