My Brazilian music thread

enough commercial mainstream

gregory check it Pernambuco style

rita lee and singer from legend rock group Kid Abelha

this dude is good, they call him China out of Pernambuco, sings with a vintage style many genres

french bossa style

something different out of Para in the north, tecno brega

samba with a twist


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Nice rogue. cool to see guys jamming in their apartment with some different instruments other than just elctric guitar

I saw this documentary on salsa and mambo a few weeks ago, this first part centers on the era of the big dancehalls. The Palladium in NYC and all those big dancehalls in Miami and Cuba would be a cool night out. Now I am stuck watching desi arnaz on I love lucy reruns.

PBS has the best documentary I have seen on salsa.

good doc. on brazilian music

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I just watched the first part, I'll watch the rest later.

Greg try to track down a movie called Pa, - it's about the neighborhood life in black Bahia like it features at the start of the documentary. Not quite a musical but it has lots of music. The style was so engageging that they made it into a tv series with all the same actors, long running series like 160 episodes.

a seductive scene with a nice tranny...

samba raggae from the series at the bar which is the center of the story

Greg there's a good amount of brazilians in the south florida area, not huge, nothing like in the northeast ny, mass, jersey there are tons there, here a lot less. My dream is to have a brazilian music radio station 100% in portuguese in so fla. Just by the luso speakers it'd probably fail but I know the rest of the latin american spanish speakers would eat it up, i just know it. I mean the music is so diverse so passionate and tons of artist that it'd be killer content and kick the ass of those boring top 40 spanish stations. A spanish speaker can probably understand some 30% of portuguse, just enough to hook them. One day Gregory. :)

Have you ever of fado? That's a whole nother animal, style from Portugal. Rogue Scholar used to like fado.

Take Sidney Sixers at the cl t20 final today mate. You can can get it a little better than 1 for 2.


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Rogue just saw this, will check all those out. I saw you posting a african tune in another thread, do you like music from Africa and islands?

Toots is my Bob Marley, I am obsessed with Bobs music but I never had a chance to see him live. The Clash covered pressure drop

I like the horns in this Ethiopian song. Some regions of African and thitr food, Caribbean and Southern food have alot of similarities but some african food too spicy for my tastes. Some is great . I like the horns in this. Selassie gave land to some rastas in ethiopia. You have to get netlfix and watch the doc. about Marley, I love the parts about the guys drinking fruit juices and the healthy lifestyle preached by the rastas, bu why in the hell is Bob not alive today? What a force he was.

Greg island music was and is huge in Africa. Jamaica is rep'd and at the top of almost every African country. Greg I carry no flag and I voice no religion but rasta style is deep in me.

Cocoa Tea is my Bob Marley.

Garnett Silk was another one that died early. He was gonna be big time.

Greg read up on Natasja Saad, she had this fukkin sexy Nord and African mix (Danish Sudanese), had talent, had island. She died in Spanish Town.

let's revive this old thread

a little bossa for a lonely night

gal costa sings tom jobim

the man himself

she's good, perfect voice for melancholy
the woman that sang 'chorando se foi' the lambada song was murdered yesterday in rio de janairo, she hired a handyman to fix some things around the house, the man called 2 friends and they rob and murdered her, they threw her body in her car and set it on fire, they escaped but got caught



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People suck.

Nice enough video though. There is something fundamentally excellent about when a woman spins and her skirt flies up.
João Gilberto from Girl From Ipanema fame died last month

he was considered the top dog in samba/bossa music even by all the other artists in the genre, he was number 1 in the hiarchy

rest in peace João 🇧🇷