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What? I thought the exact opposite - most of these guys seem so completely normal. A notable exception is that woman who couldn't stop saying WASP, oh and Julia Louis-Dreyfus who must spend most of her time trying to hide the fact she's from old money.

I want more of this stuff, sad I ran out.
I couldn't tell for sure whether Galifianakis and him were hostile towards each other, but it did look that way. "Is this the end of our friendship?" "Of course! I just needed the episode!" That rang a little too true not to be er, true.

Same with Howard Stern.

Good shit regardless.
Maybe it's just that those two back to back episodes were the first two I've watched in a while. Loved that Jerry told galifianakis that he's crazy if he thinks the world (or even his world) changed after the hangover, that the world is soooo much bigger than the hangover... but still... seems that Jerry is the exception among these people.
I decided to rewatch Battlestar Galactica along with my rewatch of Breaking Bad.

So I pop in Season 1 Episode 1 - and the first thing that comes up when I hit play:

Previously on Battlestar Galactica . . .

Kevin Hart was named Oscar host


but then almost immediately Kevin Hart has stepped down following protests by the LGBTQ community. He's been a dipshit cheesedick about homosexuality in the past. So they don't like him.

So he's out.

Good. I myself don't care what kind of dipshit views he may have. I have just never found him remotely funny or interesting - and I like to watch the Oscars so I am stuck with whomever they put up there - and it won't be Kevin Hart, so ---> good.

He used to have homophobic material in his standup and would routinely tweet said material.

Funny thing is, all signs point to him being a repressed peter-puffer. He's an actual homophobe - as in, he's scared of being gay.
Is there anyone here who wouldn't be in some degree in trouble for current highly offensive gay jokes they have said in their past?

I mean maybe there is but I know this lot pretty well. Gonna guess we're all guilty of saying some horrible things about people who enjoy sex with their own gender. Malicious or not.

PS...comedy. A great man once said "Either everything is funny or nothing is funny"