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No but seriously man, I don't feel like I would be doing my job here if I did not stress how outstanding season 2 of The Deuce is.

Problem is, season 1 was more challenging - but it's essential. There are a lot of characters and a whole lot of premises being created and it takes some time to get the momentum going.

But now that it's going ---> outstanding.

In David Simon terms, season 1 was Treme and season 2 is The Wire (except season 1 was better than Treme and season 2 is not quite up to The Wire. But then, what is?)

Anyhoo, glad I stuck with it.

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I quit watching in the middle of ep1, and haven't had a desire to turn it on again.(though I likely will at some point). I felt like it was way too busy and hectic, and then they trying to make the gay character a central figure :rolleyes:. I even starting to find the young girl bartender an unappealing character. The black lady reporter angle gotten stale also.
The early episodes were better imo. Hopefully it goes in an interesting direction eventually.

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5 current shows? that seems like a lot
I enjoyed Crashing, Better Call Saul, Curb Your Enthusiasm, and Deuce was good at the start.
btw I think that hooker with the blonde wig is oddly sexy, but only when she has it on. Even her character has become some uninspired porn actress/producer. meh.

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Not sure if I already mentioned this, but there are a couple of gambling films that I watched recently that are worthy of note.
One is called Mississippi Grind. It is well done and relatable to me, particularly mood wise. The depravity mixed with excitement and hope, the shady and flamboyant personalities, remind me of my early struggling days. And the scenes from various towns/gas stations/ the open road, also well captured and close to me. It even hits on some interesting psychological concepts. But it's major weakness is that it doesn't have a particularly captivating plot. And there are a couple of scenes that are neither here or there.

The other is called Lay the Favorite. Overall a lousy film. But it has some relatable bits. An aging Bruce Willis plays a pro sports better. He has an office with a bunch of tv screens and a couple runners. The main character is actually a young girl that comes to work for him. There are some good shots of books and various characters therein. Also the girl from 70's show Laura(?) a secondary character, shows her boobs. Unfortunately, I didn't realize it was her till much later in the film, and had to rewind in my mind. There's also an unhinged Vince Vaughn.. ..but anyway overall bad, bad acting, with a few redeeming qualities.


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I can't not see Mr. Robot when looking at trailers of the Queen movie, even with the added overbite. Still mildly intrigued by it.


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Sounds like they went for Too Obvious in the new Queen movie.

Would have been nice if they had dug deeper. I’ll still go see it.


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Wild Wild Country on Netflix

Very well done. I had never even heard of this “movement” in Oregon back in the day.

It’s only like 6 episodes. I think a lot of Gamelivers will like it.

Also, I can’t use bold type font from my phone anymore on Gamelive.
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