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Jim Jefferies had a good bit about not being able to say stuff like "retarded faggots" anymore. Gotta find it.


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Why just last night in mixed company I called Jen a retard. (Yes phone...RETARD not REGARD) a school teacher said what did you say?

I said RETARD, FAGGOT. She said its a good thing I'm not one of her students. Then we went on to have fun.

So season of. Vikings looks promising.


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The Age Of OUTRAGE about EVERYTHING we live in is so depressing. Depressing isn’t even the right word. It’s worse than that.

reno cool

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it's all a ploy to keep people pre-occupied bickering over surface issues, while the bastards dissolve themselves of all responsibility of screwing everybody over :thinking:


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Now I think about it, I'm not sure I've ever seen Kevin Hart in anything. I've seen him being interviewed more than once. That's where my low opinion comes from. But I don't know that I've ever seen him actually act or do stand-up.

Ehh, I probably have. I'm sure he sucked.



Toe Toucher
Ralph Breaks The Internet (2018) - First of all, you don't get to judge my movie selection. When I do get to go to the movies, it's G rated stuff. This is my life now, fuck you.

I napped througb the middle part, feltgoodman.

Some real funny bits sprinkled throughout including some epic self-burns by Disney.

Gal Gadot should not be doing voiceover work - that Israeli accent is whack.

7.1 Napping Rains out of 10


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Escape At Dannemora


Ya know, I thought it was weird during the 1st episode but this is some top notch acting and the off-the-beaten path directing by Ben Stiller is the cream on top.

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I was very invested in this when it actually happened. I'm enjoying the series, but the accents are awful. I do not talk like I'm from North Dakota.