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I'm getting worried about Maria. She is the cute, curvy Uruguayan chicky-poo at work that I have a crush on.

I don't think she is going to make it. She is having some pretty serious performance issues and is showing no sign of getting it under control.

They got pretty high standards there. People get let go for performance issues on a pretty regular basis. They don't just keep people around for charity.

Poor Maria. She's adorable but she really is a ditz.

Let go today. I can't be mad at the company but it's sad. She's so nice.


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A minute and a half actually is a long time.

Like kinda. Like obviously when you look at the grand issues of life and time flying by, a minute and a half is nothing.

But if you just sit and watch a clock for a minute and a half, there is time for quite a bit in there.


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I think of it because on my job, there is a level of production we are supposed to hit - and it works out to a line picked every 1.5 minutes that you are on the clock.

Sometimes that feel ridiculous. There are two stand-up huddles every day - 10 minutes a pop - plus battery changes and taking leaks and whatever. That reduces the 1.5 minutes per pick you have even more. Then there are a lot of picks where there is more than 1.5 minutes driving time just to get to them. It's a big warehouse. And then sometimes your pick is some heavy, awkward items that takes a minute to arrange on your skid - and sometimes you need 15 of them.

It seems crazy. How is it possible? A minute and a half is nothing.

But a minute and a half isn't nothing.


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i know that job feeling. sometimes i lose like 30k on some bs, and then later i make 300k, but the clown that missed that first part is still just fucked.


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Funny thing is there are about 8 guys where I work named Matt/Matthew/what-have-you. It is the most common name. And I already call most of them Mathieu.

So I can't very well call Mathieu that, now can I?


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Meanwhile we have Albert - whom I call Alberto.

And Ed - I call him Eduardo.

And Rob - I call him Roberto.

But now we got a guy named Alfredo.

The hell am I supposed to do with that?
I have one long lost brother named Alfredo

maybe it's him Muddy

ask him if he was born in the year 1970 in the country of Panama