Let's talk about wildlife


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Flapping his ears like a doggie! Adorables.

Jealous of your SA adventure, Arch. Always wanted to go.
If we didn't know how a hippo look and would try to illustrate it from it's bone structure it would look something like this.

We don't know how fatty and wobbly dinosaurs really did look like.


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I've got a woodpecker living in the side of my house. Can't in good conscience (and perhaps legally) evict the damn thing until end of summer when she's done with raising the chicks.

max headroom

That's really cool of you to be that patient man.

I can't say that I'd be able to hold out there, it'd be a tough spot for sure.


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4 mile hike today. Walking sticks are like a third leg. I saw some people with store bought walking sticks. What faggots.