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Feb 1, 2010
It's long overdue and to be honest I am shocked it hasn't already become a thread. Maybe not everyday, maybe not even every week but I bet you that from time to time not a poster amongst us hasn't need to scream FOK U at something or someone.

Well here's your chance.

I'll kick it off with..............FOK U BASEBALL!
FOK U Jenny McCarthy. You are not funny. You never were funny. You probably got the idea you were because guys would laugh when you tried to be funny - well I've got news for you: it's because they hoped it would somehow get you naked.

Painfully unfunny.

FUK U 20 yr old Senco
you should of listened to what they were telling you
Fok you Fantasy Football

Fok you ambulances early in the morning
Wally, why haven't you been posting?
Fok you gas prices

Fok you teenie weenie

Fok you dead backup computer

Fok me for loving you all
fok u chase bank. i hope you die.

pretty much fok everything else too.
Fok U Philadelphia for doing tonight what I bet on you to do last night.
that doesnt sounds good for me wal, i forget who they play but i know i bet on them
I had them -1.5 against the Reds last night and they won 3-2 it's 6-0 in the 6th tonight.
Fok u work.

Fok u shitty apartment.

Fok u shit internet.

Fok u college football for not starting yet.
fok you merica
Fok you old body!!!!

fok you devil wears prada

fok you toliet paper for going so fast

fok you goldfish for dirtying your tank every 3 days
fok u door knocking jehovahs for waking us up at 7:15am

fok u ultra competitive soccer mums who didn't listen when i said: CHIP IN AND BUY THE LITTLE DUDE ONE PRESENT FROM ALL OF YOU. now i have to find a way to sneak all of this shit out of the house and to the shelter without him spazzing out. which is impossible. CUNTS.

fok u nail polish that chips 30 mins after a mani

fok u jenny from the block
fok u bronchitis. I swear if breathing weren't so important I would stop just to teach you a lesson.

on the other hand, bless you cherry flavored NyQuil. And Hall's cough drops. And water. And Advil. And my pillow.