Community Fok-U Thread


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It's long overdue and to be honest I am shocked it hasn't already become a thread. Maybe not everyday, maybe not even every week but I bet you that from time to time not a poster amongst us hasn't need to scream FOK U at something or someone.

Well here's your chance.

I'll kick it off with..............FOK U BASEBALL!


Leave everything to me!
FOK U Jenny McCarthy. You are not funny. You never were funny. You probably got the idea you were because guys would laugh when you tried to be funny - well I've got news for you: it's because they hoped it would somehow get you naked.

Painfully unfunny.



I have a title.
Fok u work.

Fok u shitty apartment.

Fok u shit internet.

Fok u college football for not starting yet.


SP Nation and I Ruin things
Fok you old body!!!!

fok you devil wears prada

fok you toliet paper for going so fast

fok you goldfish for dirtying your tank every 3 days


zig a zig ah
fok u door knocking jehovahs for waking us up at 7:15am

fok u ultra competitive soccer mums who didn't listen when i said: CHIP IN AND BUY THE LITTLE DUDE ONE PRESENT FROM ALL OF YOU. now i have to find a way to sneak all of this shit out of the house and to the shelter without him spazzing out. which is impossible. CUNTS.

fok u nail polish that chips 30 mins after a mani

fok u jenny from the block


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fok u bronchitis. I swear if breathing weren't so important I would stop just to teach you a lesson.

on the other hand, bless you cherry flavored NyQuil. And Hall's cough drops. And water. And Advil. And my pillow.